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The passage of time is inevitable. As the years go by, skin on the face and neck begins to loosen and the appearance of the face and neck ages. Crow’s feet appear around the corners of the eyes, fine forehead lines become deeper creases and folds. The jawline softens into jowls. Folds begin to appear beneath the chin and neck. Because of aging and gravity the skin on a person’s face can tend to sag and feel droopy.

Through state-of-the-art sophisticated face-lifting techniques, Dr. Clevens employs his surgical skills and experience to achieve a natural and rested facial appearance.

Facelift is a procedure where a person’s face skin is tightened to give a younger-looking appearance. Dr. Clevens employs a tailor-made natural facelift technique that addresses your unique concerns and facial anatomy. Specializing in deep plane face-lift, Dr. Clevens enables you to discover a long-lasting and natural appearing youthful chin and neckline.

Our modern face-lift has moved away from using skin tension to contour the face. As a face ages, fat loosens and descends to sit lower in the face. The result is that the face looks squarer and longer. Young faces tend to be tapered or angular. Thus, the most important aspect of a face-lift is to improve facial shape while limiting signs that a surgical procedure has been performed.

A true master of this procedure, Dr. Clevens recognizes that fat and tissue contribute as much to facial appearance as the underlying muscle and the overlying skin. A truly complete and comprehensive face-lift with the most natural outcome will reduce, redistribute and, in some cases, add fat to the face. As with many of Dr. Clevens’ surgical procedures, the incisions are regularly placed in areas where they will not be visible so that the patient has a natural appearance.

Knowing that patients want to look better, not different, Dr. Clevens concentrates on lifting and repositioning your facial fat and tightening your muscles to achieve a natural and more youthful and rested facial appearance. Face-lifting is among the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures Dr. Clevens performs and is often combined with eyelid surgery, brow lift, and cosmetic laser skin resurfacing to achieve an enhanced appearance.

What elements of the face may benefit from a face-lift?

  • Lower face and neck
  • Contour of the chin and neckline
  • Appearance of the cheek and jowls
  • Some lines and wrinkles
  • Deep creases and facial folds

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