What is Autologous Platelet Healing Gel?

Autologous Platelet Healing Gel is made from a natural component of the patient’s own blood that is used to aid in the quicker recovery following certain cosmetic procedures. It is used at the end of a procedure and sprayed under the skin where it reduces bruising, swelling and speeds healing. Because it is so concentrated, it acts as a wound sealant (tissue glue). This reduces the need for dressings and drains, and also reduces the incidence of hematomas (blood collections) and seromas (fluid collections). It also reduces bruising and swelling. In addition, it promotes more rapid healing by secreting healing and growth factors which enhance recovery.

An Expert in Platelet Healing Gel

Dr. Clevens is one of the pioneers in using Platelet Healing Gel to help you get back to your life more quickly following surgery. Dr. Clevens has used platelet healing gel since 2000 and, each year, he uses platelet healing gel in over 500 patients. With this extensive ongoing clinical experience, Dr. Clevens remains a leader in plastic surgery healing advances, lecturing throughout the country at national plastic surgery meetings on methods that speed recovery, reduce bruising, minimize swelling and reduce discomfort following facial cosmetic surgery by up to 40%.

Dr. Clevens has been a consultant to numerous major corporations advising them on the applications of platelet healing gel in plastic surgery and other surgical disciplines. Plastic Surgery Advances – a simple, effective, and safe preparation of Autologous Platelet Healing Gel aids in the healing of patients undergoing facial plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures. The most exciting process used in cosmetic surgery involves the use of an autologous platelet gel.

It may be used to increase the rate of healing and reduce certain potential complications during plastic surgery. Many techniques have been described in an attempt to achieve better, safer, and quicker results following cosmetic surgery. This process is changing the way many plastic surgical procedures are performed.

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