Thanks to over 2,000 community volunteers, we packaged 110,000 ready to eat and ready to cook meals for Brevard County children and families distributed this summer.

On Sunday, June 2, Face of Change, The Children’s Hunger Project, United Way and Brevard Hunger Alliance/Project HUNGER joined efforts to assemble over 105,000 meals and food packages. This food will have a significant impact over the summer on the malnutrition and hunger problem with young kids in Brevard County!

Volunteers assembled over 100,000 rice and bean meals and over 6,000 complete packages of food such as those provided each weekend to kids at elementary schools. None of the food will leave our county and will be distributed to Brevard kids over the summer.

Thanks to each and every one of you who joined our efforts at this awesome event! Look out for an upcoming packaging event fall of 2013!


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Dr. Clevens has traveled to the East African nation of Tanzania on several medical mission trips with a group from Outreach Africa International, which helps people overcome the effects of poverty in 14 countries. As a result of these experiences, Dr. Clevens established his own 501c3 charitable entity in 2010 known as Face of Change.

This charitable effort is the response of Dr. Clevens and his family to the famine, neglect and poverty witnessed while on medical missions in East Africa and while interacting with folks right in our own backyard of Brevard County, Florida. On his biannual medical mission trips to Tanzania, Israel and Eastern Africa, Dr. Clevens performs surgery for nearly 12 hours per day, correcting cleft palates and lips, repairing burns and other areas of need that are left behind by poor wound healing or trauma.

Dr. Clevens travels abroad at least twice per year setting aside 2-3 weeks for each trip from his busy Central Florida private practice to care for the world’s neediest and most neglected. Dr. Clevens provides care to children and families that would otherwise have no access to medical care. Face of Change has also provided over 250,000 meals in the last year to needy children in families in both Africa and in our own backyard within Brevard County. Dr. Clevens recognizes that there are needy within our own communities and Face of Change has worked hard to bring cares and meals to our own needy neighbors as well as those abroad.

Face of Change

Our Mission

Our mission in Melbourne, FL

This mission for Face of Change Inc. remains to coordinate and administer the staffing and funding of humanitarian, including medical, educations and hunger relief programs directed at underserved developing and underdeveloped areas of the world.

Face of Change, Inc., will achieve this goal by providing administrative support for the logistical, transport, public fundraising, public education and awareness aspects of several overseas medical relief missions. Future goals include strengthening the volunteer base and funding sources to continue the journeys to Africa and other locations to provide prepackaged meals and medical services.

Children with physical deformities. Children who have physical deformities are not treated equally in their town or village.

Malnutrition and hunger related diseases cause 60% of deaths (UNICEF):  One out of four children in the world, approx 146 million, are underweight.  nearly 11 million children under age 5 die in developing countries each year.

Over 16 million American children lived in food insecure households in 2010.

11% of Brevard County live below the poverty level and 55% of those families had to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities (The Children’s Hunger Project).

Face of Change is a 501 (c) (3) corporation located in Melbourne, Florida, USA.  Formed in 2010, it is the response of Dr. Ross and Dani Clevens to the famine, neglect, and poverty witnessed while on medical missions in Tanzania, and while interacting with folks right in their own backyard – Brevard County, Florida.

Face of Change organizes and hosts food packaging events, bringing together hundreds of volunteers, each prepared to donate time and money to package meals for the hungry and food-insecure in this country and abroad. Anyone of any age or background participates and extends love to those in need.

Food packaging events create a shared sense of community and caring – making a difference in the life of a hungry child or family across town or across the ocean.

The energy of giving is a joy with manifold returns. Many participants pursue secondary agendas while supporting the hungry: schools, clubs, or places of worship, companies or civic organizations may seek to raise spirits through fundraising and team building. Bring our community together, make our world a more generous place, make a difference in the life of a hungry child.

  • Donations – Personal – Corporate – Annual
  • All donations go to medical, clothing, feeding, education

If you would like to make a donation, please contact Jennifer Searles at