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Our founder and medical director, Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS understands that his patients want to look better, not different. The S-Lift concentrates on lifting and repositioning the facial fat and muscles to achieve a natural and more youthful facial appearance. Facelifting is among the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Clevens performs and may be combined with eyelid surgery, a brow lift, and cosmetic laser skin resurfacing to achieve an enhanced appearance. To learn more, reach out to our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL offices and set up your consultation with a member of our team.

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Ideal Candidates for an S-Lift

The best candidate for an S-Lift is a physically healthy person who is realistic in their expectations regarding the appearance of loose skin on the face and neck. You do not need to wait until the signs of aging are severe, as an increasing number of men and women elect to have S-Lifts performed at a younger age.

In general, when this procedure is performed at a younger age it creates a longer-lasting and more natural-appearing lift, enabling you to enjoy the results of your procedure for many years to come. So long as you are healthy, an S-lift can be performed at any age and can deliver remarkable results. Many healthy patients over 80 years of age enjoy the benefits of an S-Lift.

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What Can the S-Lift Do for Me?

Through state-of-the-art, sophisticated facelifting techniques, Dr. Clevens can help you achieve a natural and rested facial appearance. The S-Lift procedure is a great way to turn back the clock, removing years from your appearance and generally enabling you to feel more comfortable and confident with your look. 

This procedure is a great way to address:

  • The lower face and neck
  • The contour of the chin and neckline
  • The appearance of the cheek and jowls
  • Some lines and wrinkles
  • Deep creases and facial folds

Our patients frequently tell us that their S-Lift has helped them enjoy improved self-confidence in both social and professional settings, thanks to their ability to show off a fresh-faced and rejuvenated glow.

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The Experience You Need, the Results You'll Love

Here at Clevens Face and Body Specialists, our surgical team is leading the way with innovative techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and a deeply held passion for comprehensive patient care.

We’re excited to offer a full spectrum of both surgical procedures and minimally invasive alternatives, giving you the ability to address just about any cosmetic concern you might have.

When he created this practice, Dr. Clevens handpicked a team of over 30 expert surgeons and aesthetics professionals who would meet his tremendously high standards for excellence, and support his reputation for incredible results. For over 25 years now, Dr. Clevens has put his Ivy League training to work creating life-affirming results for the patients here in Brevard County, and his team is excited to learn more about what it can do for you.

We treat our patients like family, and will work to keep you informed, comfortable, and supported throughout every stage of your journey with us. We’ll address any and all of your concerns before the date of your procedure, and will remain available to you as you rest and recover, to ensure that you’re able to make the most out of your outcome. To get started, reach out and set up your consultation with a member of our team today.

The Difference Between an S-Lift and a Facelift

The Facelift

A facelift rejuvenates the lower two-thirds of the face, cheek, and neck. By repositioning the cheeks, it creates an uplifted appearance to the midface, while also smoothing the nasolabial folds and lifting the jowls to better define your jawline. The result is a more youthful, contoured jaw and neckline. 

The S-Lift

The S-Lift procedure rejuvenates the lower two-thirds of the face and neck in a fashion that is similar to a facelift. It does not, however, lift the cheeks, improve the nasolabial folds, or rejuvenate the midface as one might expect with a facelift, and instead focuses directly on the lower face and neck.

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Specifically Addressing the Lower Face and Neck

No one lives a life completely shielded from the sun, and no patients are immune to the effects of gravity or the general impacts of everyday life.

The purpose of an S-Lift is to restore the youthful lower face and neckline you had years ago, improving the most visible signs of aging and creating a more youthful appearance to the face and neck by addressing: 

  • Sagging in the lower face
  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Laxity in the neckline 
  • Deep folds along the nose-cheek groove
  • Wrinkled skin in the neck area
  • Jowls

Your Consultation

During your private and comprehensive consultation, our facial plastic surgery specialists will evaluate your skin and facial structure and provide you with photo imaging so you can see what your end result may look like. 

Consultations generally take 60 to 90 minutes and are focused on discussing your goals, exploring your treatment options, and answering all of your concerns so you can make the most informed decision.

Once we’ve established your treatment plan, we’ll go over a quote for your procedure and discuss the financing options we have available. Then we’ll schedule your pre- and post-operative appointments, as well as the surgery itself.

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The Day of Your S-Lift Procedure

To ensure your safety and comfort, Dr. Clevens performs S-Lift surgery in a state-licensed, fully accredited ambulatory surgery center or outpatient surgicenter. Dr. Clevens does not perform this type of procedure in an office setting as this is generally considered unsafe. The S-Lift typically requires one to two hours to perform and is accomplished with either general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. In either case, a board-certified physician anesthesiologist will be responsible for administering your anesthesia or sedation.

Dr. Clevens and your anesthesiologist will help determine the course of action that best suits your particular needs. The S-Lift is similar to a facelift but usually requires a little less time. During this procedure, a narrow, S-shaped section of skin will be excised from the area in front of your ear. The skin will then be lifted, the muscles and tissues will be tightened, and excess fat will be removed according to the specifics of your personal treatment plan. The incisions will then be meticulously closed by Dr. Clevens.

Incisions Made During the S-Lift

For the S-Lift, the incision is typically made in the shape of a narrow “S,” just in front of your ear. If your neck also requires work, a small incision may be made just under your chin. Dr. Clevens takes care to ensure that any incisions made during the facelift and S-Lift procedures will result in fine lines that can be well-hidden within the hairline or the natural creases of the face and ears. Before your procedure begins, we’ll also work with you so that you can know exactly what to expect as you recover and get ready to enjoy your results.

Your Recovery Process

After an S-Lift, some numbness, bruising, and swelling will occur. Bruising typically takes seven to 10 days to fade, and our experienced team of aestheticians will be available to instruct you on how to conceal any bruising or swelling that may remain when you are ready to return to your normal routine.

Getting Back to Normal

Many patients will return to work within one to two weeks of their S-Lift procedure. Our team of experienced medical aestheticians will assist you with makeup to conceal any bruising and will perform lymphatic massage to aid in the rapid resolution of any bruising or swelling.

Exercise and strenuous activities will need to be avoided for one month after your procedure. During your recovery, you’ll want to make a conscious effort to give your body time to catch up and recuperate to achieve the best results of your S-Lift.

It is also wise to limit sun exposure for several months after your procedure, as the tissues in your newly youthful face may be fragile. We’ll give you detailed aftercare instructions, to keep the recovery process as convenient and efficient as possible, and will remain available to you at every step of the way.

Potential Risks or Complications

Patients should be informed that every surgical procedure carries certain risks and the potential for complications. Though very rare, the potential complications associated with the S-Lift procedure may include the following:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Sensitivity to anesthesia
  • Asymmetry
  • Infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Poor healing
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S-Lift FAQs

Are other procedures typically performed at the same time as S-lift?

Is the S-Lift procedure uncomfortable?

When are the sutures removed after the facelift procedure?

Does insurance cover the S-Lift procedure?

Are other procedures typically performed at the same time as S-lift?

The S-Lift is often performed in conjunction with other procedures that rejuvenate the face and turn back the hands of time including the brow lift; blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery); laser skin resurfacing, and chemical peels. These procedures improve the forehead, brow position, the appearance of the eyelids, and the texture of the skin, respectively.

Often, additional procedures are necessary to achieve a balanced improvement. For example, if someone receives an S-lift, their youthful lower face may accentuate an aged forehead, saggy brows, or tired-looking eyelids. During your consultation with Dr. Clevens, he and his staff will help you decide what combination of procedures, if necessary, will best address your individual needs if an S-lift alone is not enough to achieve the best post-operative result.

Is the S-Lift procedure uncomfortable?

Patients may experience some discomfort after the S-Lift procedure, though it is typically mild and can be easily managed with prescription medication that Dr. Clevens will provide.

When are the sutures removed after the facelift procedure?

Dr. Clevens uses dissolving sutures that vanish a few days after your procedure.

Does insurance cover the S-Lift procedure?

The S-Lift is considered a cosmetic procedure and is therefore not typically covered by insurance.

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