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Is SmartLipo Right for Me?

If you’ve noticed the presence of excess fat that’s a little difficult to address, you’re certainly not alone. Certain areas of the body can simply be difficult to target through diet and exercise…and even when you’ve successfully lost weight, other concerns may arise, such as loose skin that has not bounced back due to a loss in collagen and increased laxity. Our surgeons at Clevens Face and Body Specialists perform a highly effective procedure known as SmartLipo that addresses these trouble spots. While SmartLipo can be used to address multiple areas of the body, Ross A. Clevens also uses the technique to refine the face and neck. If you’d like to learn more about what this procedure can do for you, reach out and set up your consultation at our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL locations today.

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A Minimally Invasive Liposuction Alternative

SmartLipo MPX by Cynosure goes by many names, including SmartLipo Laser Body Sculpting, SmartLipo TriPlex, laser-assisted lipolysis, and laser-assisted body contouring. The procedure is the first laser-assisted lipolysis system to be approved by the FDA for the safe breakdown of fats, giving you a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional liposuction procedure.

SmartLipo also offers many benefits over traditional liposuction, including improved results, reduced downtime, and less discomfort. Additionally, unlike other liposuction techniques, SmartLipo uses laser energy to tighten your skin by coagulating the underlying tissues, preventing the potential for dimpling and sagging that can occur when fat is removed.

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Guiding You To Your Ideal Outcome

The team at Clevens Face and Body Specialists is proud to offer a wide range of both surgical and nonsurgical options. When you visit us for your consultation, you’ll meet with a specialist in their specific field who will get to know your goals and work with you to explore the various treatments and procedures we offer.

Our specialists are as experienced as they are approachable and informative, and our goal is to ensure that you’re feeling comfortable and supported at every step of your cosmetic journey. When you visit our offices, you’ll find yourself enjoying a warm and inviting environment, as well as a staff with a deep passion for patient care and a dedication to the incredible results you deserve.

Is SmartLipo Laser Body Sculpting Right For Me?

The ideal candidate for SmartLipo body contouring is healthy, maintains a balanced diet, and exercises regularly. Despite your lifestyle, you may have found yourself unable to lose weight around your abdomen, arms, neck, or other areas. SmartLipo targets many of the most common areas of concern for patients, including those on the chest, neck, and body. The procedure reduces fat from the:

  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Jowls
  • Cheeks
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I enjoyed very much the pre- consult with Johanna and the consult with Dr. McGregor. Very professional and amiable staff. All my questions were answered and recommendations were given.

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An Impressive Array of Treatment Options

SmartLipo is frequently used as an alternative to surgeries such as a facelift and neck lift, and may also help to reduce fine lines and improve skin discoloration.

At Clevens Face and Body Specialists, we’re also committed to offering you a wide variety of next-generation alternatives to some of the most popular surgical options available and are pleased to feature a variety of technologically advanced procedures at our Merritt Island and Melbourne, FL locations.

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How Does SmartLipo Body Sculpting Work?

Laser Energy

SmartLipo technology blends two wavelengths of laser energy to melt unwanted fat deposits and tighten the surrounding tissues through coagulation. A laser fiber is guided by a small cannula and inserted into the target area through a small, pen-tip-sized incision. 

Melting Fat Cells

Laser energy is delivered directly to the subcutaneous fat cells, resulting in their disruption before the fat is then removed with the cannula. The stimulation of collagen production that occurs thanks to the delivery of the laser energy will immediately begin to tighten the skin.

A Gentle Procedure

Given the small size of the device, the minimally invasive nature of the laser energy, and the gentleness with which the liquefied fat is suctioned out, only local anesthesia will be used. You’ll be awake, but you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure, which is very safe and rarely sees the development of any complications.

Customizing Your Procedure

Coagulation of the blood vessels during the procedure results in reduced bleeding, swelling, and bruising. SmartLipo is customizable to your unique cosmetic goals, giving us the ability to tailor your results with the use of up to three wavelength options that may be utilized to maximize the outcome of the procedure.

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Recovery After SmartLipo Body Sculpting

Due to limited bleeding, swelling, and bruising, the healing and recovery process after a SmartLipo treatment is faster than what one might experience after conventional liposuction. Only one treatment is typically needed to create long-lasting results. Rather than a weeklong recovery period, as is common with liposuction surgery, only two days of downtime are needed after SmartLipo.

Your initial results will be noticeable after about one week, with continued improvement over the next three to six months. You may see some very mild bruising, which will resolve quickly. Most swelling and bruising will be gone after about one week. In some cases, depending on the treatment site, you will be able to return to work the next day instead of waiting the customary two days.

Clevens Face and Body Specialists: A Practice Founded Upon Excellence

Clevens Face and Body Specialists was created to offer you a new level of cosmetic excellence. By building a team of consummate specialists, Dr. Clevens built a practice that focuses on delivering exemplary results in a welcoming setting. When you’re ready to learn more about what SmartLipo can do for you, or if you’d like to explore the numerous other procedures we offer, a member of our team is standing by. Reach out to our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL locations and set up your consultation with an expert surgeon today.

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