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Why See a Facial Plastic Surgeon for Dermatology Needs?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so it’s important that you keep it as healthy as possible. Clevens Face and Body Specialists offers innovative dermatology services that can help you detect skin problems and skin cancer before they become problematic.

Seeing a skincare expert for a skin dermatology screening is the first step toward taking care of your skin and checking for serious conditions, such as skin cancer or UV damage.

Our experienced team provides complete skin cancer care, from skin cancer screening and diagnosis to the treatment and removal of skin cancer, and, if necessary, reconstruction to restore your appearance. We utilize the latest technology and perform an advanced technique known as ultraviolet photography to find skin damage that is not visible to the naked eye. For a private and comprehensive consultation, reach out to us at our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL locations and speak with a member of our team today.

Do I Need to See a Skincare Expert?

Seeing a specialist sooner rather than later helps you keep your skin healthy and address issues before they’re given the chance to become more serious. Our licensed and trained medical professionals will evaluate your skin and recommend a personalized skincare regimen or further procedures—including preventative treatments—that will help you regain and preserve your healthy skin for as long as possible.

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Why Choose Clevens Face and Body Specialists?

We understand you have many options for your dermatology needs, and our team of specialists makes every effort to ensure a positive experience with optimal results. Each one of our specialist surgeons focuses solely on their areas of expertise, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re enjoying the highest possible caliber of treatment. 

When he created Clevens Face and Body Specialists, our founder, and medical director Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS built on an extensive reputation for surgical excellence here in Brevard County, FL. He handpicked a team of specialist surgeons, practitioners, and aesthetics professionals to ensure that our practice would not only meet but surpass his tremendously high standards for patient care.

Our team treats our patients like family and will be available to you at every step of your journey with us. We’ll address any concerns you may have and will work with you throughout your recovery and aftercare process to ensure that you’re absolutely loving your results. Welcome to the high standard of skincare you deserve!

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

Our highly specialized and innovative dermatopathology team partners with our surgeons to perform high-tech Mohs surgery for our skin cancer patients. This procedure removes skin cancer while successfully preserving as much normal tissue as possible, minimizing the cosmetic impact of the removal.

Mohs surgery is mostly performed on the face, ears, nose, neck, and eyelids, where complete tumor removal with the preservation of healthy tissue is crucial. In many cases, Mohs surgery can achieve a 97% to 99% cure rate. During your consultation, we’ll determine if this is the best plan of action for your needs.

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The Benefits of Skin Screenings

Skin screenings are an incredibly important preventative step that our patients can take, and they come along with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Ensuring that you’re properly caring for your skin
  • Detecting multiple forms of skin cancer in their earlier stages
  • Educating yourself about what your skin needs to remain healthy and cancer-free
  • Establishing a baseline for your skin treatment
  • Improving actinic keratoses, the most common type of precancerous tissue
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Contact Clevens Face and Body Specialists for a Consultation

When you visit us for a consultation, our skincare experts will get to know you and your skin, so we can customize a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. Your consultation will begin with a thorough examination of your skin, as we check for any sun damage or skin cancer concerns.

Based on your skin and your needs, your skincare specialist will recommend a course of action, whether that involves an at-home skincare regimen or a meeting with Dr. Clevens or his team to discuss any necessary surgery.

When we’ve determined the course of action that’s right for you, we’ll walk you through the entire experience, discussing everything you can expect from both your procedure and the recovery process once it’s complete.

We’ll give you thorough aftercare instructions, and our dedicated support team will remain available to you throughout the entire process. Finally, we’ll discuss pricing and financing, before setting up your appointments as you get ready to enjoy your results.

What Is UV Imaging Complexion Analysis?

Our UV Skin Complexion Analysis gives us the ability to detect damaged tissues on the face, with a fast and comfortable procedure. UV imaging can help us detect any acne-causing bacteria, damaged skin cell areas, enlarged pores, and the early presence of fine lines and wrinkles.

Based on the information gleaned from this analysis, your aesthetician will explain your results and recommend an individualized treatment plan to meet both your short- and long-term goals for smooth, healthy skin.

What Is Levulan?

Levulan helps us improve the appearance of actinic keratoses—the rough, scaly patches that can develop from years of sun exposure. Levulan is a topical, light-activated aminolevulinic acid that is proven to penetrate those rough patches and create impressive results.

By combining this treatment with photodynamic therapy, Dr. Clevens and his team can significantly reduce the presence of precancerous cells. This specific treatment combination helps improve the presence of actinic keratoses quickly, thoroughly, and with few side effects. 

Dr. Clevens recommends beginning with two Levulan treatments, spaced two weeks apart, after which you’ll discuss the need for ongoing maintenance treatments. Our goal is to create a treatment plan that sees you both looking and feeling your very best.

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Skin & Dermatology FAQs

How long does the UV Skin Complexion Analysis take to perform?

Who should have the UV Skin Complexion Analysis?

What is the benefit of UV Skin Complexion Analysis?

Will more than one UV Skin Complexion Analysis be necessary?

How long does the UV Skin Complexion Analysis take to perform?

The UV Skin Complexion Analysis is performed in the office and takes just a few minutes to complete. No pretreating is necessary. After the analysis, your aesthetician will explain the results and collaborate with you on a treatment plan that meets your skin’s needs.

Who should have the UV Skin Complexion Analysis?

Everyone, no matter what their age, should begin a skincare regime with the UV Skin Complexion Analysis. By assessing the health of your skin, and determining where the trouble areas are, we can create a highly individualized treatment, eliminating the need for “generic” skincare, which frequently offers inadequate results.

What is the benefit of UV Skin Complexion Analysis?

The UV Skin Complexion Analysis will provide a breakdown of your skin’s health. Using the results, our team at Clevens Face and Body Specialists will be able to determine the exact approach needed to meet your needs and goals.

Will more than one UV Skin Complexion Analysis be necessary?

The results from your initial UV Skin Complexion Analysis will serve as a starting point for a skincare regime. Periodically, the UV Analysis should be repeated and compared to the baseline to check on the progress of your treatments. This helps us remain agile as we care for your skin, making changes to your plan as needed.

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