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Is A Breast Lift Right for Me?

Most patients who come to us interested in a breast lift in Melbourne & Merritt Island, FL with our team have a generous amount of breast volume but are not happy with the look of their breasts. If you’re interested in improving the look and feel of your breasts after weight loss, nursing, pregnancy, or aging, a breast lift can offer you an effective boost to your confidence by helping you restore your ideal curves and contours. A breast lift does not require implants, but some women prefer to complement a breast lift with breast augmentation to further enhance the natural appearance of their breasts.

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Rediscover Your Youthful Bust

Many women eventually grow dissatisfied with the shape and position of their breasts. Whether this is the result of simple genetics, the aging process, or a life event like childbirth, you’re not alone if you’ve found yourself wondering about a way to regain your youthful appearance. The talented team of board-certified plastic surgeons here at Clevens Face and Body Specialists is here to help.

A breast lift—also known as a mastopexy—is a surgical procedure that raises and reshapes sagging breasts with your own tissue, improving your silhouette and giving you the ability to change the shape and location of your nipples. To learn more about how a breast lift can benefit you, we invite you to reach out and set up your initial consultation at our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL locations today.

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Before and After Breast Lift

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Clevens Face and Body Specialists: A Team Driven by Excellence

We believe that while on your journey to both looking and feeling your best, you deserve to work with a team of experienced professionals. When our founder and medical director Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS created Clevens Face and Body Specialists, he surrounded himself with a team of board-certified plastic surgery specialists who meet his tremendously high standards, so we can offer you an exemplary level of care.

With Ivy League training and more than 25 years of experience creating world-class surgical outcomes informing his choices, Dr. Clevens built a practice that is truly comprehensive and complete. You’ll have a wide variety of surgical options available to you, and will work with a team of compassionate and caring professionals as you explore various treatments and eventually settle on the selection that is right for you and your goals.

Clevens Face and Body Specialists are proud to offer you the assistance of over 30 dedicated professionals, so you can enjoy a luxurious and supportive experience, brought to life by a team that’s as approachable as they are knowledgeable. To learn more about the comprehensive care we offer our patients, set up your consultation at our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL locations today, and discover how we set ourselves apart.

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Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation What’s the Difference?

The difference between a breast lift and breast augmentation is that an augmentation focuses on volume and projection, while a breast lift focuses on eliminating sagging skin and breast tissue. This creates a firmer, more youthful appearance without changing the size or projection of your breasts.

Informative Videos

Interested in learning more about the breast lift procedure? Take a look at some of the informative videos we offer, and get to know more about this procedure, directly from our team of specialists.

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I was wanting a breast lift for the last 3 years. I was so worried about actually having surgery though. That completely changed when I met Dr. McGregor and his team. When I walk in to my appointments it’s like catching up with friends, they are always so cheerful and easygoing. Dr. McGregor addressed all my concerns and his staff made all my appointments, took care of financing, and set up my surgery schedule for me saving me any stress. Dr. McGregor is very precise and takes the time to make sure his work is beautiful, which by the way, it is! He also makes a point to check on you regularly to make sure everything is going well. Truly the best Doctor and staff I have ever dealt with. Because of them I feel younger and more confident than I have in a long time. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

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The Benefits of a Breast Lift

The life-affirming benefits that come with a breast lift include: 

  • Improved breast symmetry 
  • Areolas and nipples that appear higher
  • Lifted breasts 
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Reduced sagging
  • Improvements made to elongated or stretched areolas
  • Firmer breasts
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Preparing for Your Breast Lift

The consultation process is a vital aspect of any surgical procedure, as it gives you and your surgeon the chance to get to know each other while your surgeon learns about your cosmetic goals, your lifestyle, your personal timeline, and the other important factors that will contribute to your surgical plan.

We like to ensure that our patients are as highly informed as possible. Your surgeon will discuss your surgery with you in detail, in addition to providing you with a number of helpful resources that enable you to make the most informed possible decision.

Before finalizing your treatment plan, you and your surgeon will go over the surgical techniques that will be used during your procedure and will work together to explore any additional options that might further enhance your results.

We want to make sure you’re informed, supported, and excited as you get ready to enjoy your empowering results. When you’re ready to get started, simply reach out to our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL locations and set up your consultation.

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Your Breast Lift Procedure

Our board-certified plastic surgery specialist will perform your breast lift surgery under general anesthesia, alongside an anesthesiologist in a surgical center that not only meets but exceeds the most stringent state ad national accreditation standards. Our goal is to ensure that you’re provided with the highest level of safety and comfort possible. We offer our patients a variety of techniques to choose from when preparing for a breast lift.

If you’re experiencing mild breast sagging, we can perform a less invasive variant of breast lift surgery.

To address the presence of more severe breast sagging, a more extensive correctional technique can be used to lift your breasts for a naturally youthful look. Our breast and body contouring specialists always work to create the shortest possible incision line while improving the shape of your breasts.

Your procedure will remove any excess that may be present, placing the nipple higher up on your breast to create a more pert appearance. Sutures may be placed in the deeper tissues to offer you increased support. Many women are interested in combining breast lift surgery with breast augmentation to both lift and increase the size and projection of their breasts. You’re invited to speak with your surgeon during your consultation if you’d like to learn more about this option.

Resting and Recovering After Your Breast Lift

You’ll be able to return home the same day as your breast lift surgery, though you’ll need a friend to drive you home as your anesthesia wears off. We’ll support your breasts and tissues with a wrap following surgery, and your enhanced breast shape will become more and more visible as post-surgery swelling subsides over the following few weeks. We recommend recovering at home for about four days before resuming your everyday activities. Six weeks after your surgery, you can resume physical activities and heavy lifting. We’ll remain available to you throughout your recovery process to ensure that you are supported at every stage of your cosmetic journey.

We’ll provide you with everything you will need to manage any discomfort or swelling, and we will also schedule a series of follow-up appointments after your procedure is complete. This gives us the ability to monitor your healing process and be sure that you’re recovering nicely as you get ready to enjoy your new look.

More Helpful Resources To Guide And Inform Your Decision

Your decision to undergo breast lift surgery should be a well-informed one. Feel free to download some helpful resources that can help you understand a little more about the work we do here at Clevens Face and Body Specialists. When you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL locations to set up your consultation.

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Breast Lift Patient Testimonial

“Amazing results! I asked Clevens Face and Body Specialists, as they were marking my breasts prior to surgery if I would look like I did when I was 16. I think I look better! They listened and have a great staff. I recommend them to family and friends.”

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Breast Lift FAQs

How long do the results from a breast lift last?

Will the lift make my breasts smaller?

Should I wait until I finish losing weight before getting a breast lift?

Are there nonsurgical alternatives to the breast lift?

Will I always have visible incision lines after a mastopexy?

How much does a breast lift cost?

How long do the results from a breast lift last?

Our commitment to modern surgical techniques enables you to enjoy long-lasting results after a breast lift. However, while future aging and sagging cannot be prevented by a lift, maintaining a stable weight and healthy lifestyle can help prolong the results of your mastopexy surgery. We’ll be sure to help you with all the guidance and support you need, so you can maintain your results for as long as possible.

Will the lift make my breasts smaller?

No. Your breasts will be the same size but will be reshaped according to your goals and surgical plan.

Should I wait until I finish losing weight before getting a breast lift?

A breast lift is not a weight loss procedure and patients should be at a stable weight. If you have not quite met your weight loss goals yet, we recommend that you wait to have a breast lift, to avoid compromising your results through further weight loss.

Are there nonsurgical alternatives to the breast lift?

While numerous creams and other products claim to be able to lift breasts or make skin tighter and raised, this is not true. Unfortunately, once your skin has begun to sag, the only way to address the issue is through surgery.

Will I always have visible incision lines after a mastopexy?

Yes. As unfortunate as it may be, incision lines will never completely disappear. For many patients, the incision lines from a breast lift procedure eventually become so unobtrusive that they are nearly invisible, and post-operative incision management can aid in achieving the least visible incision line possible. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Clevens Face and Body Specialists will discuss incision placement with you during your consultation to ensure that yours are placed as inconspicuously as possible.

How much does a breast lift cost?

The cost of a breast lift, like other cosmetic surgery procedures, will vary depending on the experience and training of your surgeon and where the procedure will take place.

At Clevens Face and Body Specialists, our experienced board-certified plastic surgeon has been performing breast and body contouring procedures for years. In addition, patients can take comfort in knowing their breast lift will be performed in a fully accredited outpatient surgery center that meets all the same stringent safety criteria as a hospital. At our practice, a breast lift costs $9,000 to $16,000 and is often combined with other body contouring procedures for optimal results.

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