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What Exactly Is a Hand Lift?

Because the skin on the back of your hands is extremely thin, the loss of fat padding becomes noticeable as you age, sometimes leading to a wrinkled, wizened appearance. While most cosmetic improvements are focused on the face and body, many of our patients quickly realize that their hands are among the body’s most readily apparent features.  Over time your hands lose their firmness and plumpness, allowing their underlying structures to appear and make them look bony and fragile, with the visible protrusion of tendons, bones, and veins. In addition, sun exposure over the decades can set up a prolonged cascade of liver spots and brown patches that blemish your hands. A hand lift expertly addresses each of these issues, so you can enjoy a rejuvenated look.

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Before and After Hand Lift

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The Care and Results You Deserve

In addition to offering you a team of 30 highly trained specialists and aesthetics professionals, we’re also excited to feature experienced medical aestheticians and master injectors, each one trained and guided by our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS.

Our medspa offerings are designed to inspire and empower our patients to live their best lives and can be used as standalone treatments that improve your appearance in addition to providing our patients with numerous ways to enhance the results of the many surgical procedures we offer.

You’ll experience a relaxing and inviting atmosphere as our medspa staff calls upon advanced technology and a superior caliber of training to create customized treatment plans that see you enjoying life-affirming results. To learn more, reach out to our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL locations and set up your initial consultation today.

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Is a Hand Lift Right for Me?

Going a Step Beyond Traditional Measures

Combating the signs of aging in the hands involves a bit more than your typical hand cream (though that simple step does make a difference). Technological advancements have given us a set of procedures that can turn back the clock and restore your hand’s youthful qualities.

The hand lift is an impressively speedy and simple procedure that literally converts older-looking hands into younger-looking ones in just a few minutes. Dr. Clevens and his team achieve complete hand rejuvenation by combining Radiesse® with Artisan laser skin resurfacing. The Radiesse treatment works by plumping the backs of your hands, instantly creating a more supple and youthful look. Working just beneath your skin, Radiesse adds volume so your tendons, joints, and veins won’t be so prominent and noticeable. Your results will be immediate and long-lasting.

The Artisan Laser system is then used to diminish the appearance of brown spots and pigmentation, for topical rejuvenation that complements your newly-added volume. This laser seeks out darker pigment with a single, painless treatment. Within seven to 10 days, any brown spots will slough off and you’ll be left with more youthful hands.

Your Consultation Getting to Know You and Your Goals

Visiting our team of medical aestheticians for your consultation is an important first step on your cosmetic journey with us. We’ll get to know your personal timeline and your aesthetic goals, while also learning about the qualities and features of your skin and physicality. This gives our experienced team the opportunity to guide you to the options that will most effectively help you realize your desires.

We take a highly personal approach to our medspa offerings, and our team will work directly with you to ensure that you’re able to enjoy all the inspiring and uplifting benefits we have to offer. Here at Clevens Face and Body Specialists, we treat our patients like family, and will invest in your sustained rejuvenation, setting you up with the treatments and products that will have you enjoying a healthy appearance that truly shines.

Are you ready for comprehensive restoration? The medspa team here at Clevens Face and Body Specialists is ready for you! Simply reach out to us at our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL offices and set up your preliminary consultation today. We’ll get started, exploring your options and learning about all the ways we can help you truly live your best, most inspired life.

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What Is a Hand Lift?

Our Impressive Hand Lift Results

Take a look at some of the hand lift results created by our talented team of master injectors and laser specialists. If you’d like to speak with a patient who has undergone a similar procedure, let us know during your initial consultation.

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More Details About Our Nonsurgical Hand Lift

Volume Replenishment

Most patients require approximately one Radiesse syringe per hand to attain a full restoration of the smooth cushioning on the backs of their hands. In some instances, an extra syringe is required (for a total of three) if the patient’s hands have lost a substantial amount of their natural fat layer or have a particularly bony appearance. Men may require up to two syringes, to address the needs of larger hands. Because Radiesse provides a scaffolding for collagen-building, your body’s natural collagen production will also keep your skin feeling naturally soft and smooth.

Brown Spot Removal

Patients will additionally be treated with the Artisan Laser system, which addresses hyperpigmentation and restores a more uniform, clear look to the appearance of the skin.

More than one treatment is sometimes required to address many years of sun damage, but when your treatment is complete you’ll enjoy gorgeous, clear hands that are free from sunspots and other tell-tale signs of aging.

Home Care Maintenance

Once we’ve improved the appearance of your hands, you’ll be encouraged to protect and maintain your results with a medical-grade skincare routine at home. We’ll outfit you with products like Retin-A and exfoliants, to keep your hands looking soft and youthful for years to come. 

Your hands will also need to be protected from future sun damage (the main culprit in the appearance of unwanted pigmentation) by the regular application of sun protection. Persistent use of sunscreen is a necessary step, no matter what cosmetic procedure you choose.

To learn more about our exciting nonsurgical hand lift, and the other medspa procedures we offer, reach out to our Merritt Island or Melbourne, FL locations and set up your consultation today.

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