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Non-Surgical Facelift with Fillers


Facelifts are up 14 percent this year, and some patients prefer a minimally invasive “plumping” facelift over more traditional cutting-and-tightening procedures. The focus of the “new” facelift is the midface (cheeks and jowl/jaw line), and the goal is to achieve a look that’s plumper and more youthful rather than tight and taut.

There is quite a different approach to facelifts today. Often times instead of tightening the skin, we can fill the facial tissue with a wide selection of injectable fillers.

Many facial-rejuvenation candidates choose fillers first, but after a while the skin must be lifted up. Injectable fillers are limited to filling depressions created by fat loss and tissue shifting caused by aging. While injectable fillers cannot remove sagging loose skin, they do quite beautifully and naturally create youthful volume and provide a lifted and more sculpted appearance to the face.

Injectable fillers provide a no-downtime plumping facelift without surgery. The technique takes but a few minutes, can be done in the office without sedation, and the patient can see immediate results with minimal bruising and swelling. This plumping facelift is certainly an option for those seeking a younger look without undergoing surgery.

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