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The Good News on Sculptra


Since it was approved by the FDA in July of last year, SCULPTRA has been gaining popularity to become one of my most frequent treatments. In the right hands, Sculptra a truly breakthrough product. It allows me to truly "sculpt" the face and add volume to the chin, cheeks and temples.  This achieves facial balance restoring a youthful look in a way that is much more subtle and longer lasting than what has been possible with other traditional fillers.

Sculptra stimulates your natural collagen to grow and build slowly over time, and it lasts for up to 2 years and more. Because results develop slowly others don't notice a sudden change in your appearance. Patient's have reported receiving complements such as "your skin looks great...what have you been doing?" In addition to added volume, the texture of the skin is improved due to increase collagen production in the dermis, or deep skin layer. Solar elastosis, or sun creases, are also dramatically improved with this product.

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