Q: Is There Any Surgery in Addition to Bullhorn Lip Lift That Can Help Lift the Upper Lip?  After several nose jobs I've noticed my upper lip covers a little bit of my teeth upon smiling. I've had a bullhorn lip lift which worked okay. Is there any other drastic surgery that I can have? P.S. When I bite I do have my upper teeth infront of my lower teeth, but it doesnt look out of place or anything. I also dont want to sacrifice any projection of my nose, as I've already had dental veneers to lengthen my teeth. Thank.

A: Direct Lip Lift may be a good option for you

You may be a good candidate for a Direct Lip Lift Procedure. Careful and fine incisions are created to shape the lips into the shape you desire. Direct Lip Lifting creates a fuller upper and/or lower lip with imperceptible incisions. This precise procedure allows you to state just how full you want your lip and that is where I place the new lip line.

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Dr. Clevens

Ross A. Clevens, MD

Melbourne Florida Facial Plastic Surgeon