Q: Will a Laser-Lift Result in Facial Wasting Like Thermage Treatments?

A: Laser-assisted weekend necklift

The laser assisted 'weekend' necklift represents the evolution of sophisticated facial plastic surgery techniques. These techniques are uniquely combined to achieve improvement in the contour of the chin and neck with minimal incisions and rapid recovery. Cervicofacial liposculpture is first employed to contour the unfavorable fatty changes seen in the face and neck as time passes by, such as the 'turkey neck' and 'double chin'.  Careful attention is then turned to tightening the neck muscles and reducing neck bands.

Finally, the laser is used to 'resurface' the underside of the neck skin, thereby 'shrinkwrapping' the skin of the neck restoring a youthful contour. This innovative procedure may be performed at the same time as other rejuvenative procedures such as eyelid surgery, midface lifting, endoscopic browlifting, and cosmetic laser skin resurfacing.

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Dr. Clevens

Ross A. Clevens, MD

Melbourne Florida Facial Plastic Surgeon