Clevens: What to do about that turkey neckSagging skin beneath the chin, known as ‘turkey neck’ or ‘the wattle’ is an unfortunate and unavoidable consequence of the passage of time – and one of the most common concerns for patients in my practice.

For many of us, this is an especially frustrating problem and an unwanted, telltale sign of aging.

Sagginess of the chin and neck can be explained by examining the anatomy of this area. The neck is comprised of skin that loses its elasticity and becomes lax, with fatty deposits causing fullness under the chin and weakness of the neck muscles that causes banding.

In recent years, research and new technologies have led to several non-surgical methods of fat reduction and neck skin tightening. Among the non-invasive options to fight the ‘turkey neck,’ in my experience, I have found SculpSure and Kybella to be the most successful.

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