When you look your best on the outside, you feel your best on the inside, too! For women, our breasts are often an important part of our appearance that can affect how we relate to our bodies, and ultimately, how we feel about ourselves. Unfortunately, naturally small breasts, sagging or shrinkage after pregnancy or weight loss, and symmetry problems can negatively impact our confidence and overall body image. Because of this, breast augmentation – sometimes called a “breast aug” or “boob job” – has become one of the most popular plastic surgery options for women.

Breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Amy Simon (formerly Dr. Ortega) in Melbourne can transform your look using implants to increase the size of your breasts. The procedure can add fullness, restore volume and firmness, and improve symmetry, helping you feel more feminine and fabulous every day!

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary

Breast Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Simon will meet with you to discuss all aspects of your breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) surgery, including the reasons you want the procedure and your expected outcomes. You will be given a physical examination so that Dr. Simon can examine your breasts and discuss with you the level of enlargement desired. During the examination, your breasts will be measured, their size, shape and skin quality assessed, and nipple position measured as well. You will also be asked to provide details on:

  • Medical conditions, treatments, and allergies
  • Current medications you are taking, including vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drug use
  • Mammogram and/or biopsy tests and family history of breast cancer, if any

Dr. Simon will also help you decide on the size and type of implant needed, offering you advice based on your physique and current breast size.

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary

Breast augmentation increases or restores volume in the breasts, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing and firmer appearance. Ideal candidates are those who are in good overall health and are seeking to rejuvenate their body and achieve a more feminine look.

Women who have lost a lot of weight or were pregnant and now find their breasts sagging or empty, as well as those with naturally small breasts who are seeking an increase in size, may be good candidates for breast augmentation surgery.

As this is a cosmetic decision, ideal candidates are generally those who want surgery for the right reasons and are in good enough health to proceed. However, the FDA states that women must be over the age of 18 to receive saline breast implants, while they need to be at least 22 years of age to receive silicone implants.

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary

The Breast Augmentation Procedure in Melbourne

Breast augmentation surgery requires the patient to be placed under general anesthesia or deep sedation. There are several possible locations for the incision and implant. This will be discussed with you in the consultation and will depend on your current breasts and other factors, such as your body type and desired results.

Implant location options include behind the pectoralis muscle or directly behind the breast tissue.

Patients can discuss incision placement with Dr. Simon. The most common option is the inframammary incision within the crease beneath the breast. Other options may be available depending on the patient’s preferences, goals, and implant choice.

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Once Dr. Simon has completed the surgery, dressings will be applied to the newly augmented breasts, with an elastic compression wrap placed over the breasts. Patients can go home after a few hours. Individuals can expect swelling and bruising for the first few days after the surgery, but these will rapidly subside, although swelling can take months to completely resolve.

There may be some slight tightness and discomfort around the breasts and chest. However, Dr. Simon will prescribe medication to help alleviate this. General movement and walking is recommended.

Individuals can return to work after a long weekend, providing the job does not require heavy lifting, pushing, or strenuous physical activity. Those activities should be avoided until about 6 weeks.

Breast Augmentation Surgery FAQ

Is it safe to get pregnant after breast augmentation surgery?

Yes. Breast implants are completely safe for pregnant women and pose no additional risks.

Do saline or silicone implants leave the most natural result?

Both types of implant are excellent at creating a natural and firm look to the breasts. Each have specific characteristics best discussed with Dr. Simon.

Will my implants last all my life?

Implants do not have a standard lifespan and many factors can determine if they need to be removed or replaced in the future. Dr. Simon will discuss this during your consultation.

Can I combine other corrective surgeries with a breast augmentation?

You certainly can, especially if you are seeking a more complete body makeover to restore a youthful shape. Many patients elect to have a tummy tuck or liposuction alongside a breast augmentation procedure, for example.

Can a breast augmentation help with asymmetrical breasts?

A lack of symmetry in the breasts is a common problem for many women and breast augmentation can correct this issue. In some cases, Dr. Simon will advise augmenting one breast while reducing the other or using two different implant sizes.

My breasts are very droopy and saggy. Can a breast augmentation help?

Breast augmentation surgery alone will not correct severely drooping breasts. Instead, a breast lift can be combined with a breast augmentation so your breasts can look both fuller and lifted, too. The best way to find out which procedure will achieve your goals is to see Dr. Simon in consultation.

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