Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed for women because it can result in a patient’s ideal feminine aesthetic. Implants can restore breast volume, enhance your existing curves, and create a more shapely figure. Implants offer permanent contouring of the chest to better complement a woman’s frame. Many women find that over time, changes such as breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and the aging process can alter the look of their breasts. In these cases, breast augmentation can provide dramatic enhancements to counteract the toll these changes have on the body.

Some plastic surgery patients contemplate the permanency of their cosmetic changes, but breast augmentation can be reversed if you wish. While larger breasts may fulfill your desire to achieve a certain look at one point during your life, you do have the flexibility to change your appearance later on if your feelings change. Breast implant patients may elect to have a procedure known as a breast implant removal – or “explant” – for a variety of reasons. Women can also undergo “breast reaugmentation” to exchange the original implants for a new, modern implant or an implant of a larger or smaller size. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Amy Simon, MD is a breast surgery expert, helping patients in Melbourne, Orlando, and Central Florida reach their goals for beautiful breasts during a breast implant removal procedure.

Breast Implant Removal Consultation

A pre-operative consultation is important prior to any elective procedure, but especially so for breast implant removal. Scar tissue can develop in the breast pocket created for implantation. In some cases, reconstruction techniques may be necessary to ensure the best results. Changing this feminine feature can be a very sensitive process for many women, so understanding the procedure and what results you can expect is an important step to ensure you feel confident about your choice.

Dr. Simon is known for her compassionate care and ability to help her patients feel at ease with the decisions they have made about their bodies. During the consultation, she will discuss your desire for breast implant removal and your ultimate goals for the surgery. She can also discuss other procedures, such as breast lift, that may help you to achieve your desired result. During your appointment, Dr. Simon will also examine the breasts and discuss your medical history. It is important for patients to have realistic expectations for the outcome of breast implant removal surgery. A woman’s own anatomy can create certain barriers during the course of her aesthetic care, but Dr. Simon will carefully assess any concerns as she encounters them.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Implant Removal

Women seeking to have their implants removed or replaced, and are in good physical health may be candidates for breast implant removal performed by Dr. Amy Simon in Melbourne. If you are uncertain if the procedure is right for you, a consultation with Dr. Simon can help you learn more about your options and the many ways in which she can alter the look of your breasts.

The Breast Implant Removal Procedure

When possible, Dr. Simon approaches the breast implant through the original breast augmentation incision line for its removal, so patients are spared any additional scarring. In some cases, the incision must be extended to accommodate the size of the implant.

Once the implant and internal structures of the breast have been assessed, Dr. Simon can carefully remove each implant, and perform any additional work inside the breast. The breast implants may have ruptured, caused scar tissue to form, or developed capsular calcifications. The body’s natural response to the foreign implantation of the artificial breast is to form a barrier, or capsule, around the implant. Sometimes, this appears as a flimsy shell, but in other patients it may be present as a tough exterior that should be removed during a capsulectomy to restore the feeling of a softer, more natural breast. The barrier surrounding the breast implant and the breast implant itself can be delivered outside of the breast through the incision, though in other cases it may rupture and require a thorough cleaning of the cavity, causing the need to remove the contents of the implant and the implant separately.

If a lift is needed to achieve a patient’s goals, there may be a new incision line as a result. Patients may elect to have their implant removal combined with other corrective techniques to address possible sagging and shape concerns. It is common for Dr. Simon to perform breast lift mastopexy along with breast implant removal. Breast lift tightens the skin envelope around the breast and reshapes it. These incisions tend to be created in a keyhole pattern surrounding each areola and continuing vertically down the front of the breast. The scarring from this procedure may be more apparent than that of breast implant placement or removal.

Once Dr. Simon has completed the necessary changes to each breast, she will ensure each breast appears cosmetically pleasing, making minor adjustments as needed. The surgery sites are sutured closed. Patients can return home to recover after the procedure has been completed.

Patient Recovery

Recovery times for breast implant removal vary considerably based on the exact nature of the procedure(s) performed, ranging from a few days to a few weeks. If basic implant removal is performed, patients can resume most normal routines immediately and can typically return to work the next day. However, patients should avoid heavy lifting and physical exercise for at least six weeks to allow time for healing.

If a breast lift is performed at the same time as the implant removal, then recovery may take longer. This too is an outpatient procedure, but patients will need to rest in the days following the surgery. Some may feel some mild discomfort. If a breast lift is performed, patients will need to wait several days to return to non-strenuous work and up to six weeks before they can re-engage in their full normal exercise routine.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery FAQ

Why should I have my breast implants removed?

Patients may choose to have their breast implants removed for a variety of reasons, including their preferred aesthetic and current lifestyle. If a patient’s large breast implants cause back pain or discomfort, she may wish to replace the implants with a smaller size, or return to her natural breast size without an implant. In other patients, the body may react to the implant in a way that changes the texture of the breast, and may require either replacement or removal. At times, a capsular contraction and calcification may form around the implant and cause discomfort. Other women who underwent breast augmentation have changed their aesthetic ideals, or prefer a more comfortable, practical breast size.

Regardless of what prompts a patient’s decision, Dr. Simon can evaluate whether the patient is a candidate for breast implant removal, and will provide professional recommendations for complementary procedures that can be performed during the same surgery.

Is the procedure difficult to perform?

In some instances, breast implant removal can be a much simpler and quicker procedure than your breast enhancement. If the existing incision line is used to remove the implant and no breast lift is performed, patients are usually back home within hours and able to resume non-strenuous work the following day.

Will my breasts return to being saggy and misshapen?

Though it is possible that the removal of breast implants can leave the breasts looking saggy and empty, Dr. Amy Simon is an expert at designing a treatment plan to help avoid this scenario. For example, a breast lift can be performed at the same time as a breast implant removal to reshape and restore some natural fullness to the breasts.

Can a breast implant removal be combined with other corrective procedures?

Breast implant removal can be accompanied by other breast-specific procedures, like breast lift, nipple repositioning, and breast reconstruction procedures. Depending on the cosmetic corrections the patient is seeking, other surgeries may be incorporated into the patient’s treatment plan. Dr. Simon specializes in body plastic surgery, and commonly combines implant removal with arm lift, tummy tuck, or liposuction.

What are other names for breast removal surgery?

Patients may have noticed that different doctors refer the surgery under different names, like “ex-plant” surgery, “explantation,” or “reverse breast implantation,” though each of these terms describes the same surgery of breast implant removal.

Is it always necessary to remove the implant’s scar capsule?

In some cases of capsular contracture, the scar tissue that has formed around the implant should be removed, but it is not always necessary. In mild cases, the formation is very flimsy and not at all detectable or dangerous in the body.

Why Choose Clevens Face & Body Specialists for Your Breast Implant Removal?

Dr. Amy Simon has been performing breast surgery for more than 20 years, creating a reputation for herself as one of the leading female plastic surgeons in the United States. She is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and completed two fellowships, including one fellowship specifically in her specialty area of breast surgery. Dr. Simon is noted for her sensitivity and compassion with patients as well as her outstanding results.

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