Why See a Facial Plastic Surgeon for Skin Care Needs?

Detect skin cancer early—before it becomes problematic.

Seeing a skin cancer care expert for a screening is the first step toward taking care of your skin and checking for serious conditions, such as skin cancer or UV damage. During your screening, your specialist will be able to see whether or not you have an underlying issue that you can’t identify with the naked eye. This allows you to get the treatment you need to restore healthy, youthful skin.

At Clevens Face and Body Specialists, our team provides complete skin cancer care, from screening and diagnosis to treatment, removal of skin cancer, and, if necessary, reconstruction to restore your skin. We perform an advanced technique known as ultraviolet photography that allows us to find skin damage that is not visible to the naked eye. This technique is also used in cancer detection and monitoring. 

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Do I Need to See a Skincare Expert?

Seeing a specialist sooner rather than later helps you keep your skin healthy.

Our licensed and trained MedSpa staff evaluate your skin and recommend a skincare regimen or further procedures, including preventative treatments, that will help you regain your healthy skin. 

At Clevens Face and Body Specialists, you get expert care and guidance not only from our skin cancer care specialists, but from our surgeons, too. If a more serious skin condition is detected, you’ll meet with Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS, or Renata Khelemsky, MD, who both specialize in facial plastic surgery and, in partnership with their specialized dermatopathology team, perform MOHS surgery.

MOHS surgery is a unique surgical technique that removes skin cancer while successfully preserving as much normal tissue as possible, minimizing the cosmetic impact of the removal. It’s most commonly performed on the face, ears, nose, neck, and eyelids where achieving complete tumor removal with the preservation of normal tissue is of crucial importance. In many cases, MOHS surgery can achieve a 97–99 percent cure rate, compared to cure rates of only 60–80 percent for radiation therapy and/or traditional surgical excision of cutting out the cancer. 

Hear Dr. Clevens explain the best sunblock for protecting skin against UVA and UVB light

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Benefits of Skin Screenings

Understand what your skin needs to remain healthy and cancer-free.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and about 90 percent of nonmelanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to the sun’s UV rays. 

Even if you don’t have precancerous cells, it’s smart to schedule an annual checkup on your skin to ensure you’re giving it the care it needs to remain healthy. For patients with a history of skin cancer, we recommend every four to six months. For patients with a history of melanoma, we recommend a screening every three months.

At Clevens Face and Body Specialists, we take many kinds of insurance and can help you:

  • Establish a baseline for your treatment with an Ultraviolet Imaging Complexion Analysis that detects sun damage, the presence of acne-causing bacteria, and more.
  • Get a skin cancer screening of your face, head, and neck to detect any precancerous or cancerous cells that require treatment.
  • Improve actinic keratoses, the most common precancer, by combining Levulon with Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).

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What Is UV Imaging Complexion Analysis?

The first step toward getting a comprehensive picture of your skin’s health.

Using a specially designed camera to take a picture of your skin, our UV Skin Complexion Analysis gives you a detailed understanding of any damaged tissue. The quick, pain-free procedure allows you to see whether you have any acne-causing bacteria, as well as any areas with damaged skin cells, enlarged pores, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Your aesthetician will explain your results and recommend an individualized treatment plan to meet your short- and long-term goals for smooth, healthy skin.

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What Is Levulon?

Improve the appearance of actinic keratoses.

Combining Levulan (a topical light-activated aminolevulinic acid proven to penetrate actinic keratoses) with photodynamic therapy, Dr. Clevens is able to destroy precancerous cells. This treatment combination helps improve actinic keratoses faster, more completely, and with the least side effects compared to any other treatment available.

You may feel stinging, tingling, prickling, or burning, but these symptoms go away once treatment is finished. Post-treatment, you should stay out of the sun for 48 hours. After about one week, redness and swelling should go down. At this point, any remaining redness will subside after a few days. Dr. Clevens recommends two Levulan treatments to start, two weeks apart, after which you’ll discuss the need for ongoing maintenance treatments.

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*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

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Visia Skin Complexion FAQ

How long does the UV Skin Complexion Analysis take to perform?

The UV Skin Complexion Analysis is performed in the office and takes just a few minutes to complete. No pretreating is necessary. After the analysis, your esthetician will explain the results and collaborate on a treatment plan to meet your skin’s needs.

Who should have the UV Skin Complexion Analysis?

Everyone, no matter what their age, should begin a skin care regime with the UV Skin Complexion Analysis. By assessing the health of your skin, and the trouble areas, an individualized treatment plan can be established. There is no need for ‘generic’ skin care, which may treat too much or too little.

What is the benefit of UV Skin Complexion Analysis?

The UV Skin Complexion Analysis will provide a breakdown of your skin’s health. Using the results, our team at Clevens Face and Body Specialists will be able determine the exact approach needed to meet your needs and goals.

Will more than one UV Skin Complexion Analysis be necessary?

The results from your initial UV Skin Complexion Analysis will serve as a starting point for a skin care regime. Periodically, the UV Analysis should be repeated and compared to the baseline to check on the progress of the treatments. Changes can then be made to the plan as needed.

Hear from one of our dermatology patients.

"As a homegrown Floridian, I have been in the sun all my life. Over the past couple years, I developed a sore on my right cheek that comes and goes in the same spot, but never heals fully. My daughter has me go to a plastic surgeon to get it checked. Upon seeing Dr. Clevens and getting it biopsied, he determined it needed to get excised and removed. I was fortunate that I didn't need a full MOHS procedure but it was pretty deep. Unsure of the exact cost because it was covered by insurance. I am 2 months out and my face has healed great and I have minimal scarring and am using biocorneum and starting laser scar treatment."

–Bob Rockledge,FL, review on RealSelf

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Your consultation begins with a thorough examination of your skin, checking for any sun damage or skin cancer concerns. Based on your skin and your needs, your skincare specialist will recommend a course of action, whether that’s a skincare regimen or meeting with Dr. Clevens or Dr. Khelemsky to discuss any necessary surgery. The goal of the consultation is to answer any of your questions and give you all the information you need to make a confident treatment decision.

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