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Samira Caraballo, PA-C

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On average most people spend 2.5 hours a day scrolling through social media platforms. Have you ever asked yourself if what you watch on social media impacts your decision making? From clothing, to grocery items, latest weight loss fads, medical conditions, and aesthetic treatments, what you see on social media has an effect on the decisions you make on a daily basis. Although social media is a powerful resource, it does make it easier to relay false information and create a downstream of rumors that can manipulate your decision making. 

Aesthetic medicine is continuously evolving and new treatments, lasers, products etc. are released constantly. Being flooded with this information can be overwhelming and confusing for prospective patients. Social media can also have the opposite impact, and make you feel like each and every treatment you see on a video is right for you. This relay of false information can mislead you into booking an appointment or even worse prepaying a treatment without a proper consultation, let’s say on Groupon, which could yield catastrophic results. 

Therefore, as a viewer and potential patient what do you do?  You’ve just spent 2+ hours scrolling through and watching videos that make you feel like this treatment is exactly what you need. First and foremost book a consultation, do not schedule a treatment or pre-pay anything online without being evaluated. Save the videos that triggered your interest and bring them with you to your consultation to allow the provider to gauge what your current perception is and better educate you. Knowledge is power, and booking a consultation with a licensed medical provider will provide education and allow you to connect the dots and provide insight on whatever videos you might’ve stumbled across on social media. 

Aesthetics treatments are designed to preserve or restore your youth, enhance your natural features, address preexisting asymmetries and improve your overall appearance. However, not every treatment you see on social media is safe for you. Aesthetic treatment plans are designed by highly trained medical professionals who take into account many factors prior to designing a customized treatment plan. Social media influence allows viewers to relate to the patient in the video and that connection can lead you to believe that if you undergo this particular treatment you will look like the person in the video. What social media does not show you is the evaluation that patient had prior to treatment. 

For a laser or microneedling procedure for example, medical providers evaluate your skin type, skin tone, skin texture, any preexisting scarring, and then decide which laser is right for you. For filler procedures and or Botox treatments, the dose varies significantly between patients. You may see on social media that half a syringe of filler was done and the patient’s lips may appear perfect to you, but what may not have been shown is the amount of filler received during prior treatments. For example, the phrase “Baby Botox” became increasingly popular over the last few years, and many patients book appointments requesting “Baby Botox.”Have you asked yourself what baby Botox means exactly? How many units of Botox are being used? What age group is this trending phrase targeting? 

Social media platforms are an incredible resource, and make it easier to connect with your medical provider and or medical practice. Social media access is an asset. However, education and evaluation is key when planning a procedure or treatment that will potentially impact your appearance. Use social media as a resource but do not let it box you in into thinking all aesthetics treatments on the videos you’re watching are “one size fits all.” Book a consultation and then make an informed decision alongside a medical provider that has taken the time to create a custom treatment plan for you.

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