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Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS

Q: Is an Obagi Blue Peel Painful?

A: Blue Peel Facts...and a few alternatives

The Blue Peel is known as a type of medium chemical peel. Chemicals (TCA) used are those stronger than those used for micro peels. Due to this, they may be more effective in improving skin texture, vitality, and freshness. They also impose a recovery period that may require a few days off from work and other social activities.

The advantage of a Blue Peel it that it can revitalize skin, brightening one's complexion while reducing fine wrinkles, brown spots and other discolorations. Peeling agents may cause a burning sensation and there are risks involved, however the Blue Peels have built-in safety mechanism to prevent the provider from allowing the chemical agent to over penetrate.This is the reason for the blue dye, which is applied along with TCA. The blue color helps the provider who is applying your peel know how deep the chemical has penetrated and is therefore helpful in determining when to stop.

Blue peels will turn skin blue for a few days. Flaking and peeling begin 4-5 days after your peel and finish within 7-9 days. You may engage in your normal activities immediately following your peel, but, if you have an important event planned, you will not want to have a peel within 2-3 weeks of that event.

In my practice, we do not to offer the Blue Peel because patients are not willing to have blue skin for a number of days.  Instead we offer:

Vi Peel, Which improve the tone, texture and clarity of skin  •  Reduce age spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, including melasma  •  Soften lines and wrinkles  •  Clear acne skin conditions, reduce acne scars •  Stimulate the production of collagen, for firmer, more youthful skin

Apeele. Which differs from other peels for these reasons: Indicated for all skin types with photodamage, hyperpigmentation and acne.
• Ideal for skin rejuvenation of face, neck, and hands
• Balanced combination of ingredients provides a uniform, consistent and predictable peel
• Allows depth control and customization for each individual patient
• Hydroquinone addresses pigmentary disorders and suppresses PIH
• Built-in topical anesthetics designed to provide a comfortable and pain-free procedure
• Skin permeation enhancers provide deeper and even penetration of active ingredients

Please call our office today at 321.727.3223 to schedule your consultation to see if you're a candidate for a chemical peel.

Dr. Clevens

Ross A. Clevens, MD

Melbourne Florida Facial Plastic Surgeon

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