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Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS

Can anybody give me some answers on how to get rid of this forehead scar? it causes me a lot of stress and I've had it for over a year now it was from a weight hitting my head. It gets really shiny in some lighting and in some lighting its ok and when I make different facial expressions it raises.

When people talk to me they don't even look me in the eyes they just stare at it and talk I hate it. Can Someone please give me some advice on this???

A: Artisan Laser is a GREAT option for Scar Revision

The treatment scars can be challenging.  Laser scar removal may be a good alternative for you.

A newer device on the market by Palomar called the Artisan offers a noninvasive solution that uses fractional laser technology to deliver rapid, reliable scar removal with less risk, less pain and minimal downtime.

The Artisan's fractional laser technology is used for acne and surgical scar removal procedure. It uses pulses of laser light to coagulate scar tissue and trigger healthy new tissue to form in patients' skin. Healing time is minimal, infection risk is reduced and little to no pain is felt.

Laser scar removal with Palomar's Artisan is appropriate for use on all skin types, making it my preferred method of scar removal for excellent clinical outcomes.

This is how it works:

Laser scar removal uses fractional laser light to create micro-columns of coagulated tissue that extend deep into the dermis without ablating the epidermis. This triggers a wound-healing process that replaces the disorganized, compacted scar tissue with healthy new tissue, greatly diminishing the appearance of the scar tissue. Advanced Contact Cooling protects the epidermis, promoting safer, more comfortable treatments.

I would certainly have you consider laser scar removal/revision.

Please call our office today at 321.727.3223 to schedule your consultation to see if you're a candidate for the Artisan laser scar removal.

Dr. Clevens

Ross A. Clevens, MD

Melbourne Florida Facial Plastic Surgeon

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