Surgeons’ warning of overseas plastic surgery dangers


LEADING plastic surgeons have spoken of the horrific medical complications patients come home with after having cosmetic surgery abroad.  The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has raised concerns that the NHS and private UK-based surgeons are having to remedy such problems. The association also described the “unethical” practices some cosmetic surgery tourism companies use. 

Nigel Mercer, BAAPS president and a consultant plastic surgeon, said: “I have had a case of a man who went overseas for a tummy tuck. “He had drains in and then sat on a long-haul flight home. His tummy opened and the fluid spilled over the aircraft.  In another case a woman contacted my surgery to ask when she would be able to walk again after having liposuction abroad. She was left with scarring and bruising but she said the surgeon never mentioned post-operative care.”  Dr. Mercer also spoke of the case of a woman who died after having a facelift overseas.”  He added: “I personally would never go abroad for surgery even if it is a fraction of the cost.”

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