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Phillip Barbee, MD

Plastic surgery numbers are going up every year as advances in technology and technique allow for more natural results and increasingly affordable options. Historically, plastic surgery was dominated by female patients but in recent years the number of males seeking facial rejuvenation is on the rise. This is due in part to the overall increase in plastic surgery but there is also a cultural shift occurring. Whereas plastic surgery was previously considered pure vanity it has now been regarded as an element of health and well-being. 

People are increasingly turning to facial rejuvenation as a part of their general health maintenance. Many procedures which were previously associated with feminization can be modified to achieve simultaneously youthful and masculine results. A common complaint among men is that their appearance doesn’t match the way they feel. They still have a lot of energy and enthusiasm but feel that their face or neck doesn’t reflect this. Studies have shown that attractive people receive more promotions and are more likely to be hired in comparison to people who are considered less attractive. And some even believe younger-looking male employees are considered more valuable than their older-looking counterparts.

Whatever the reason may be, men are seeking out facial rejuvenation options more than ever before.  We have compiled the top 5 facial plastic surgery procedures for men over 50. 

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Aging around the eyes is one of the biggest contributors to the appearance of an aging face. Many patients will complain that they appear tired even though they are not. Some people may even have their vision impacted by excess skin on their upper eyelids. Upper and lower eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, is one of the most impactful forms of facial rejuvenation. When performed by an experienced provider, the results are natural and the incisions heal to be virtually invisible. Most people can return to work or social gatherings in about a week.

Brow lift

A strong brow is a very masculine feature; however, a heavy brow can be a characteristic of an aging face. A brow lift is often a great adjunct to eyelid surgery which achieves a more youthful appearing face while maintaining a masculine appearance. A brow lift can be performed in a number of different ways with incisions hidden in the hairline, the brow hair, or even forehead lines. Similarly to eyelid surgery, a brow lift can have a strong impact on the overall facial appearance with natural results and minimal downtime. 


A common misconception is that a facelift is a procedure only for women. The reality is that a facelift is also a great option for men, and many benefits come with it. A facelift lifts the cheek, diminishes the deep folds of the face, smooths the jowls, defines the jawline, and tightens the neck. When performed properly, a facelift does not produce the “wind-blown” or operated-upon look but rather a natural result that simply looks like a younger version of yourself. Even men with little to no hair may be a candidate for facelifts as the incisions can be hidden around the ears. Typical downtime for a facelift is only 10 to 14 days. 

Neck lift

Many men aren’t as bothered by facial aging as they are by neck aging or the dreaded “turkey neck.” Oftentimes, the loose skin or extra fat in the neck is the only thing that bothers them. Although a facelift will address this area, a dedicated neck lift can also be performed. Some men may even be candidates for a non-invasive neck lift such as our signature Laser-Assisted Weekend Neck Lift or the Express Lift Plus. Downtime for a surgical neck lift is similar to that of a facelift but can be only a few days for the non-invasive options.


Nonsurgical injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox are not just for people seeking porcelain foreheads and pouty lips. Botox can be used conservatively to minimize the progression of facial aging without the appearance of the face being “frozen.” Fillers can be used to highlight or even create masculine features such as sharper jawlines and stronger chins. The great thing about injectables is they can be performed in the office during a lunch break with zero downtime!

There you have it - the top 5 trending facial plastic surgery procedures for men over 50. Whether you are aiming to keep your competitive edge at the office or just want to refresh your look, there are many surgical and nonsurgical options available. The best first step is to meet with a qualified provider for a full evaluation and tailored treatment plan for your individual needs. 

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