What is a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy is hard on most women’s bodies. The muscle and skin tissues expand to accommodate the baby, especially in the abdomen, hips, and breasts. Many times, breasts lose volume and firmness as they return to their original size. Although diet and exercise may help you lose post-pregnancy weight, plastic surgery is often the only way to restore a tight, shapely figure.

The Mommy Makeover at Clevens Face and Body Specialists in Melbourne, FL combines several techniques to restore your figure. We often perform a breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and Liponique Body Contouring to reach your goals. Our practice specializes in providing an exceptional 5-star experience for our Mommy Makeover patients.

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Do I Need a Mommy Makeover?

If you want to regain your body confidence after having children, you may benefit from a Mommy Makeover body lift. A Mommy Makeover is for women who want to get their figure back with a toned abdomen, lifted breasts, and a tummy tuck. We’ll customize your makeover to your body goals.

While you can still have children after the Mommy Makeover, we recommend waiting to have your body makeover until you’re finished having children to maximize the benefits of surgery. As one of the country’s leading body contouring centers, our specialists will develop a custom treatment plan and determine the perfect combination of procedures for optimal health and confidence.

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Mommy Makeover Benefits

A Mommy Makeover is customized to meet your needs. We’ll help determine the best procedures to meet these needs. The most significant benefits of a Mommy Makeover include: 

  • Performing multiple procedures at one time helps minimize downtime and address all areas of concern
  • Breast augmentation and breast lift adds lift and restores fullness
  • Tummy tuck helps remove loose skin and tightens abdominal muscles during a tummy tuck
  • Liponique, our signature approach to liposuction, safely removes excess fat deposits and reveals body contours

Listen as we explain why this popular combination of procedures is known as a Mommy Makeover. 

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Procedures Involved in a Mommy Makeover

Our expert team of surgeons often combines multiple treatments for a customized Mommy Makeover. Our board-certified breast and body plastic surgery specialists take care to place incisions in areas you can conceal under clothing and swimwear. The most common procedures in a full-body makeover include:

  • Tummy Tuck Improves the appearance of your abdomen by removing excess skin and fat, tightening connective tissues, and repositioning skin for a more toned appearance.
  • Liposuction Our exclusive Liponique Body Contouring liposuction customizes the procedure for your goals, removing fat for a slimmer physique and contouring the post-pregnancy body.
  • Breast AugmentationIncrease breast size by placing an implant beneath the breast tissue or chest muscles. 
  • Breast Lift Removes excess tissue and reshapes breasts for a lift.
  • Breast Reduction– Reduces breast size for a more balanced look or to alleviate discomfort.

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Mommy Makeover Recovery

Begin recovery the same day as your procedure. 

Most women are home recovering from their Mommy Makeover the same day. The entire recovery process will take 10 days to six weeks, depending on the treatments you choose. To aid in the most comfortable recovery possible, we offer a game-changing local analgesic medicine, Exparel, used while you’re still asleep during your procedure. Exparel minimizes pain post-surgery and reduces the need for any narcotic pain medications and the nausea they cause.

Exparel is often combined with TXA (tranexamic acid) and your body’s own natural healing cells to reduce bruising, minimize pain, and speed healing. During your consultation, we can discuss whether this option is right for you so you can get back to your daily routine more quickly. 

Most patients return to work about 10 to 14 days after surgery, though we recommend waiting six weeks before resuming heavy exercise. As your body fully heals over three to four months, you'll see the benefits of your Mommy Makeover continue to reveal themselves.  

Watch our video to find out what to expect during a Mommy Makeover recovery. 

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What Our Patients Say

Hear from one of our Mommy Makeover patients.

“I just overall feel so much more confident in myself, and I feel OK to be in a shirt without a sweater on and I feel OK to wear a skirt without tights. I feel just overall like a huge weight has been lifted off of me, literally, and I feel so much more confident since having this procedure done.”

–Danielle M., Rockledge, Florida

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Schedule your private and comprehensive consultation with Clevens Face and Body Specialists to discuss your options for a Mommy Makeover. We’ll work with you to customize your Mommy Makeover to fit your desires. Our team of surgeons has decades of experience working with all body types performing surgical procedures for positive Mommy Makeover results.

Contact us to schedule your consultation for a Mommy Makeover with our specialists virtually or in person at our Melbourne or Merritt Island, Florida office.

Mommy Makeover Before and After Photos

Mommy Makeover Pictures | Before & After Photos of Actual Patient before & after a Mommy Makeover Procedure at Clevens Face & Body Specialists in Melbourne, FL
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Side View Actual Patient Before & After Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Procedure at Clevens Face & Body Specialists in the Orlando & Central Florida area

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary

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Mommy Makeover Procedure FAQs

What is a Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover is a rejuvenating set of cosmetic surgical procedures designed to restore your pre-pregnancy figure. Normally, the procedure will include breast augmentation and/or breast lift and a tummy tuck. Depending on the patient, some women will also add a corrective surgery, such as liposuction, for a more sculpted, youthful result.

Who is a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

A woman who notices her figure change with age, following childbirth, or after a dramatic weight loss may make an excellent candidate for the Mommy Makeover. The ideal patient will be in good health, understand the surgical procedures, and hold realistic expectations for their final results.

How long does it take to recover from a Mommy Makeover?

Recovering from a Mommy Makeover will normally take from 10 days to six weeks. 

When can I return to work after my Mommy Makeover?

Most patients can return to work and other non-strenuous activities in less than one week.

Is the Mommy Makeover a good method for weight loss?

The Mommy Makeover procedure is not a means of weight loss. While liposuction can help remove excess fat, the tummy tuck and breast enhancement are purely sculpting procedures. In fact, the ideal candidate for the Mommy Makeover will be someone close to an ideal, stable weight. However, some patients may have a Mommy Makeover as part of their ongoing weight loss efforts.

How long do Mommy Makeover results last?

While the results from a Mommy Makeover can be long lasting, it is important to continue with a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise routine. Significant weight gain or additional pregnancies can undo the surgical results. The longest-lasting results are found in women who maintain a stable weight.

Will there be scarring after my Mommy Makeover?

Visible scarring will occur after a Mommy Makeover at the locations of the incisions; however, the scars typically fade over time. Incisions are carefully placed and meticulously closed with expert plastic surgical technique so they can easily be concealed under clothing or swimwear.

What are the potential complications of a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover is considered a safe procedure. Any surgical technique will carry some risk of complications. Although rare, potential problems following a Mommy Makeover can include excessive bleeding, infection, and scarring.

How much does a Mommy Makeover cost?

Like other plastic surgery procedures, the price of a Mommy Makeover will vary based on a number of factors including the training, education, and experience of your plastic surgeon, as well as where the procedure is performed. In addition, because a Mommy Makeover typically includes a combination of procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, or a tummy tuck, the cost of your Mommy Makeover will depend on exactly which procedures you choose. At our practice in Central Florida, Mommy Makeovers are performed by experienced board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in breast surgery and body contouring. Our Mommy Makeover procedures cost $12,000 and up. The best way to learn more is to meet with your plastic surgeon in consultation. 

What does a Mommy Makeover consist of?

A Mommy Makeover is typically a combination of plastic surgery procedures that may include a breast surgery such as breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction, as well as body contouring. The most popular body contouring options include liposuction and tummy tuck. For optimal results, a patient may add on other procedures at the same time such as arm lift or thigh lift. Learn more in our blog on customizing your Mommy Makeover, or schedule your consultation with our breast and body specialist. 

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We’re Excited to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

Get all of your Mommy Makeover questions answered by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

A consultation is the first step to making your Mommy Makeover a reality. Consultations generally take 60 to 90 minutes, during which our breast and body specialists will recommend a personalized treatment plan based on your cosmetic goals, your body, and even the amount of time you have to devote to recovery. Your Mommy Makeover consultation ensures you can ask our breast and body specialists all of your questions. You'll also have an opportunity to review Mommy Makeover pictures of actual patients before and after their procedure, so you can make the most informed decision for you.

Consultations for Mommy Makeover procedures are offered at both our Melbourne and Merritt Island, Florida locations, conveniently located in Brevard County on the Space Coast, just one hour east of the Orlando & Central Florida area. Please contact us to arrange your consultation with our specialists at our location near you!

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