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Rise of the Jawline: Filler and Surgery Options For A Defined Look

Beauty magazines, social media channels, and even medical literature have recently seen a spike in the topic of the “jawline.” Eye-catching photographs of celebrity profiles and their chiseled jawlines have made their way into mainstream media, from health and fitness blogs to plastic surgery websites. Even make-up techniques have evolved to include contouring tricks that appear to “enhance the jawline.”  For men, a jawline boost may come from grooming the facial hair in creative ways. Why the sudden focus on this border between our faces and necks?  

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Why Go to a Facial Plastic Surgeon for Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures?

Today we live in a world of plenty. We can select from hundreds of kitchen appliances, meticulously organized in the digital shelves of the Amazon marketplace. We can choose from at least 10 non-dairy options for milk, and even then we must choose the size of the container we would like. Hair products and body lotions seem like an endless stream of choices at the store, not unlike the movies and shows we can select straight from the comfort of our home. 

What about choosing the right person for a cosmetic facial procedure? Who do you turn to and why?

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How To Tell If Cosmetic Botox Is Right for You

Many of my patients have concerns about whether Botox is right for them and if their treatment might have unforeseen outcomes. They want guidance on dealing with these outcomes and help in addressing their concerns. Some patients are worried that if their result isn't ideal, they may not be able to return to the office for a "quick fix" due to travel or work plans, and they ask if it is best to hold off on treatment altogether.

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Nonsurgical Cosmetic Injectables: Keep It Simple

Does it seem like everywhere you look, there is a catchy reminder to sign up for the latest “must have” neuromodulator (e.g., Botox or Jeuveau) and dermal filler treatment? Do you find yourself reading through impressive plastic surgery websites? Maybe you’ve connected with the beautiful faces and sculpted cheekbones of beauty ads or your favorite celebrity?  Or, perhaps it’s none of the above. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of information because your simplest questions are still unanswered. That’s OK. You’re definitely not alone.

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