Dr. Ross Clevens recently returned from Telluride, Colorado where he was invited to deliver three lectures to a meeting of his peers.  Dr. Clevens presented his experience with Sculptra in Facial Rejuvenation and another lecture on Facelift and Facial Cosmetic Surgery in the Male Patient.  Drawing from his extensive experience in facelift surgery, Dr. Clevens also advised his peers how to avoid complications in facelift surgery in another session. The Telluride meeting is an annual teaching conference sponsored by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  This series of teaching lectures was attended by 150 plastic, facial plastic and cosmetic surgeons from throughout the United States and Canada.  Dr. Clevens was invited to attend the "Winter Meeting' of the AAFPRS in 2008 as well.

Dr. Clevens lectures in Telluride, Colorado

(Photo of Telluride by Dr. Clevens.)