Patients are opting for less radical cosmetic treatments in order to reduce the time taken off work to recover due to fear of losing their jobs.

Dr. Ross Clevens notes that in current economic climate, people are concerned that taking extended time off work to recover from cosmetic surgery may affect their chances of keeping their job through a round of redundancies and are resorting to less invasive treatments which have a shorter recovery time.

"Spectra Peel or Fractional Skin Resurfacing can give instant lifts with absolutely no downtime and Dermal Fillers can be done in less than an hour and can take years off a patients face. Even liposuction for small pockets of fat can be achieved with liposculpture, enabling patients to return to work in just two days", explains Clevens.

The rise in 'Lunchtime' treatments (procedures that can be completed in less than a hour) is a direct result of employees wanting to keep up with their beauty treatments without having to take extra time off work.