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The Clevens Face and Body Specialists wants to put and end to the myth about older clients undergoing a facelift or other facial cosmetic surgery procedures. A published study found that seniors who undergo a facelift are not at a higher risk of complications compared to younger patients. In the past, some have believed that adults over the age of 65 faced greater risks when it came to cosmetic surgery procedures. However, this is not the case.

Researchers in Cleveland looked at more than 200 women who underwent facelifts in a three-year span and many of these patients were just over the age of 65. Researchers found that not only were the older adults just as safe as their younger counterparts were, women over the age of 65 were more likely to score higher on a test of their overall health.

Dr. Clevens employs a tailor made natural facelift technique that addresses your unique concerns and facial anatomy to turn back the clock. Specializing in deep plane facelift, Dr. Clevens enables you to discover a long-lasting and natural appearing youthful chin and neckline.  A true master of this procedure, Dr. Clevens recognizes that fat and tissue contribute as much to facial appearance as the underlying muscle and the overlying skin. A truly complete and comprehensive facelift with the most natural outcome will reduce, redistribute and in some cases add fat to the face. Through state-of-the-art sophisticated facelifting techniques, Dr. Clevens strives to achieve a natural and rested facial appearance.

If you are interested in a facelift or any facial cosmetic surgery in Central Florida, then call our office at 321.727.3223 to schedule an appointment. We would love to meet with you and discuss the best treatment options available to you.

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