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The One Step You Need To Take To Reverse Facial Aging


If you are worried your chin and neck looking old and tired then chin implant surgery may be the solution for you. This procedure, along with necklift surgery, can last a lifetime and improve your cosmetic appearance.

A well-defined chin gives balance to your face. Many patients are unaware of how they look from the side, because of mirrors and photos we mainly view ourselves straight on. Patients seeking chin augmentation are motivated when they just happen to see a picture, which caught them in profile.

This is a relatively straightforward procedure that can make a major difference in your appearance. During the chin implant, solid silicone is used for long lasting results. Solid silicone does not reabsorb, and because it is solid, there is no concern with it leaking. This procedure is able to improve facial balance and harmony for the rest of your life. As we age, our faces are likely to drop and it causes us to lose our youthful facial appearance. However, with cheek augmentation we are able to create prominent cheekbones that will give you the youthful look you have been wanting.

Facial augmentation or implant surgery is one of facial plastic surgery's most gratifying procedures. It provides immediate and effective results that can last a lifetime while dramatically improving facial harmony.

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Dr. Clevens

Ross A. Clevens, MD

Melbourne Florida Facial Plastic Surgeon

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