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Everything You Need to Know About Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Protruding ears are one of the most common inherited deformities in the head and neck. Although some cultures view it as a sign of good luck, most others associate it with strangeness, oddity, or feelings of anxiety.

Protruding ears affect people in all age groups. Starting from a young age, children are often teased at school for having protruding ears.2 Having this trait can limit a teenager from being social, and may prevent them from doing normal activities like going to a party on the weekend or applying for a public job. Some people even choose specific haircuts to hide their ears. Additionally, there are many stereotypes associated with prominent ears. If you’ve noticed, old-school cartoons depict characters of less intelligence with prominent ears. The media often chooses a person with protruding ears to show an odd or “goofy” individual. 

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Brow Lift vs. Eyelid Surgery: Which is the Right Procedure for You?

The eyes are thought to be the first facial feature one sees when assessing beauty. They are the key attribute that helps promote facial harmony and balances the upper face with the lower face. The eyes often convey the initial sense of emotion and can instantly change the world’s perception of you. 

The eyebrows play a fundamental role to help shape your eyes. We use our eyebrows to express a number of emotions: raising them when we are surprised, contracting them when we feel anger, or lifting one up when questioning a thought. 

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Why Go to a Facial Plastic Surgeon for Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures?

Today we live in a world of plenty. We can select from hundreds of kitchen appliances, meticulously organized in the digital shelves of the Amazon marketplace. We can choose from at least 10 non-dairy options for milk, and even then we must choose the size of the container we would like. Hair products and body lotions seem like an endless stream of choices at the store, not unlike the movies and shows we can select straight from the comfort of our home. 

What about choosing the right person for a cosmetic facial procedure? Who do you turn to and why?

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Before Your Breast Implant Consultation: 5 Smart Questions to Consider

When considering breast implants, many patients have questions about the consultation. After all, there are many variables to consider. Here are some of the top questions my patients are considering when planning for a consultation before their breast augmentation surgery.

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The Best Cosmetic Procedures to Have in Your 50s

Those of us in our fabulous 50s are looking and feeling better than ever before. Of course, our 50s are also a time when new signs of aging start to reveal themselves. The good news is, there are surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that combat problem areas and help you look and feel your best in your 50s and beyond!

Let’s explore some of the common issues people face in their 50s, as well as the surgical and nonsurgical options to address those areas of concern.

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How To Tell If Cosmetic Botox Is Right for You

Many of my patients have concerns about whether Botox is right for them and if their treatment might have unforeseen outcomes. They want guidance on dealing with these outcomes and help in addressing their concerns. Some patients are worried that if their result isn't ideal, they may not be able to return to the office for a "quick fix" due to travel or work plans, and they ask if it is best to hold off on treatment altogether.

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Three Cosmetic Procedures for Your 40s to Look Your Best

Being in our 40s is an exciting decade, filled with countless milestones and moments to remember. They’re also a great time to get serious about skin care. By taking proactive steps to create a routine focused on anti-aging, you can slow down the signs and preserve the youthful features that you love. 

In this article, we’ll share the common signs of aging to expect in your 40s, along with surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to help you look your best.

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The Signature Neck Lift™ Surgery Patients Love

There are more perks to getting older than you ever anticipated. You’re happy, healthy, self-assured, and feeling more and more comfortable in your own skin. And while you still look and feel young, you’ve noticed in photos and the mirror that your neck is starting to tell a different story.

Sagging skin beneath the chin, or “turkey neck,” is a telltale sign of aging, but it’s not one you have to live with if it’s keeping you from feeling your best. Fortunately, there are cosmetic procedures available that can give you back the youthful neck and jawline you deserve. That’s why our facial plastic surgeon, Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS, designed his Signature Profile Neck Lift™ to help people say goodbye to the turkey neck and muscle banding that come with age.

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Nonsurgical Cosmetic Injectables: Keep It Simple

Does it seem like everywhere you look, there is a catchy reminder to sign up for the latest “must have” neuromodulator (e.g., Botox or Jeuveau) and dermal filler treatment? Do you find yourself reading through impressive plastic surgery websites? Maybe you’ve connected with the beautiful faces and sculpted cheekbones of beauty ads or your favorite celebrity?  Or, perhaps it’s none of the above. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of information because your simplest questions are still unanswered. That’s OK. You’re definitely not alone.

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The Transition from a Masculine to Feminine Appearance

Making the decision to transition from male to female (MTF) is a monumental moment for a transgender woman. It is an exciting opportunity to align how you feel on the inside with the reflection you see in the mirror.

Of course, to say that transitioning is a big deal is an understatement. It is a complete transformation inside and out, and the process can undoubtedly seem daunting at first. However, the end result—feeling completely confident and secure in your own skin—is life-changing and profound.

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