PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE: The chemical peel treatment recently applied by you on the skin of my hands and forearms, following the series of diode-laser skin treatments given to me, per your instructions, by your nurse was the final pièce the resistance in removing the remaining sun damage blemishes from the skin surface of my fingers, hands, and forearms.

The outcome and cosmetic results, from what my husband calls a comprehensive “High-Low” mix of laser-chemical skin treatments, look marvelous and exceeded outcome predictions. The current appearance of the skin on my hands and forearms is nominally clear of any noticeable brown-dark spots and the skin texture is silky smooth.

While you may get tired of hearing it, it bears repeating. Your expertise in facial cosmetic surgery and skin care, as assisted by your skillful and knowledgeable profession medical team and skin care specialists, is why the Clevens Face and Body Specialists For Facial Cosmetic Surgery remains the Go-To location in Florida for those seeking comprehensive delivery of advanced cosmetic procedures, state-of-the-art skin treatment, and personalized follow-on cosmetic maintenance care.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY 2009!: We trust that you, Dani and your sons will be having a Barbeque-licious, Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Please pass our best wishes for a great Memorial Day weekend on to Dr. Diaz and the other members of your medical staff.