Platelet Healing Gel in Melbourne, Florida is being used to help speed up the recovery of surgical procedures. Dr. Ross Clevens began using Platelet Healing Gel in 2000, and each year he uses this technology on over 500 of his patients.

This gel is a simple and effective way to help healing after a patient undergoes facial plastic surgery. Some of the effects of this gel are: 

    Heal quickly, usually in about a third of the time than procedures not using Healing Gel

    Less swelling and bruising

    Less pain post operatively, often requiring no pain medication after the 1st day

    Significantly reduces the risk of infection

    Fewer follow up visits with your surgeon post operatively

    Get back to your daily activities more quickly than surgery without Healing Gel

    An optimized recovery in every aspect

Platelet Healing Gel is a Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma made from your own blood. It is created prior to the procedure, and applied by the surgeon to the surgical site to accelerate and intensify the healing process. This is a phenomenal new discovery that is derived from one ounce of blood taken from the patient. This small blood volume is then placed into a tube and spun in a centrifuge (a small device that spins very quickly). This process automatically separates the blood into several different components, one of which we refer to as the "buffy coat" or platelet rich plasma. It takes about 15 minutes.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery in Central Florida, call our office at 321.727.3223 to schedule an appointment and learn more about this healing gel. We would love to meet with you and discuss the best treatment options available to you.

Dr. Clevens

Ross A. Clevens, MD

Melbourne Florida Facial Plastic Surgeon