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Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS

If you are experiencing any symptoms leading you to believe you have Rhinophyma, then the combination of dermabrasion, Co2 laser techniques, and excision may help you. To better understand Rhinophyma, it is important to be familiar with Rosacea, a chronic disease that affects the skin. It is indicated by redness, pimples, and thickened skin in an advanced stage. When Rosacea reaches a progressive stage, it’s possible that Rhinophyma may develop.

Rhinophyma is illustrated by an enlarged, bulbous, and red nose that has resulted from an enlargement of the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands underneath the surface of the skin. Treatment options for this advanced stage of Rosacea include medications as well as surgery. Rhinophyma that does not respond to medications may be treated with electrosurgery, laser treatment, dermabrasion, and resculpturing.

Lasers are used to remove the excess tissue that accumulates on the nose in patients with rhinophyma. The tissue can also be removed with a scalpel or a rapidly rotating wire brush known as dermabrasion. Although the nose will look red for a year or so following tissue removal, the nose will assume a normal skin color after about a year.  We often combine dermabrasion, excision, and the use of a Co2 laser for the most effective treatment of Rhinophyma.

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Dr. Clevens

Ross A. Clevens, MD

Melbourne Florida Facial Plastic Surgeon

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