What is SculpSure™?

If you’ve ever dreamed of simply melting away excess fat, SculpSure™ could be the answer you’re looking for. Melt 25% of your fat in 25 minutes without anesthesia, needles, surgery, or downtime. SculpSure™ is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment for reducing unwanted fat using non-invasive laser technology with proven results. A new, state-of-the-art, light-based device is used to heat the unwanted fat cells, while cooling the skin layer. Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body gradually reduces them over time, reducing the amount of fat in the treated area.

It’s a bit of a myth that if you just work hard enough at losing weight, you’ll have the physique of a model or athlete. While it’s true that losing weight and feeling great takes a lot of hard work, sometimes “diet and exercise” isn’t enough to resolve certain types of fat or improve curves and contours. Stubborn fat is most often found in common “problem areas” like the flanks and abdomen, and this fat can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re already leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. Genetics, age, and other factors can all play a role in the fat that simply won’t go away, and you might need help from a plastic surgeon if you’re struggling with these problem areas.

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Guaranteed Results

Clevens Face & Body Specialists provides a SculpSure Guarantee – if you are unsatisfied with your SculpSure results, we will apply 50% of your SculpSure fees in the area of concern to the cost of a liposuction procedure for fat removal in that area. Importantly, our practice has never been taken up on this offer which speaks to the outstanding satisfaction of our patients after their SculpSure procedure.

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SculpSure™ Benefits & Treatment Areas

The SculpSure™ treatment has the body contouring benefits of any fat reduction treatment, and has been clinically proven to non-surgically reduce the amount of fat in treated areas by 25% in just 25 minutes for most patients. This is what sets SculpSure™ apart from other treatments. SculpSure™ is the most convenient method for busy patients who want an effective treatment that won’t disrupt everyday life. Because SculpSure™ is completely non-invasive, improving problem areas is quick and easy—everything patients want in a body contouring procedure.

Currently, SculpSure™ has been approved for use on common problem areas for both men and women including the flanks, abdomen, back, and inner and outer thighs. In addition to the fat reduction provided by SculpSure™, the laser used can aid in firming and tightening the skin. SculpSure™ is a laser treatment appropriate for all skin types, and SculpSure™ patients have a satisfaction rate of more than 90%.

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SculpSure™ Consultation

Though SculpSure™ is non-invasive, it is still important to meet with the Clevens Face and Body Specialists team about your goals for the procedure in a consultation at our Melbourne office. Our expert providers will go over the SculpSure™ treatment process and discuss your goals and candidacy for the procedure. You will get an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and discuss any concerns about the treatment before you make a decision.

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SculpSure™ Candidates

While SculpSure™ may seem like a magic solution to unwanted fat, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. Ideal candidates are healthy men and women who are struggling with isolated pockets of stubborn fat. SculpSure™ is not a tool for weight loss; rather, it is a body contouring procedure, so most patients will need to be at a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or less to be eligible for the treatment. The experts at Clevens Face and Body Specialists will help advise you on whether SculpSure™ is a good choice for you.

SculpSure™ Procedure

The procedure itself is very simple. A technician clips the device into place on the areas to be treated, and the laser begins to disrupt the subcutaneous fat cells, heating them, and prompting the body to dispose of them. Each treated area (i.e. the abdomen or flanks) takes only 25 minutes per treatment. There is no anesthesia needed as there are no incisions, injections, or pain involved with the procedure.

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SculpSure™ Recovery

SculpSure™ is revolutionary for its non-surgical, non-invasive treatment process, and there is absolutely no downtime associated with the procedure. Patients may feel a little tenderness in the treated areas for a few days, but this sensation is comparable to that of an intense workout, and should not disrupt normal activities. Many patients can return to work immediately after the short session.
Results are gradual, as the body reduces the unwanted fat over time. Patients can expect to see fat reduction in treated areas in about 6-12 weeks after just one treatment.

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Before and After Photos

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* Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

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* Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

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How much weight will I lose from SculpSure™?

Not much—and that’s okay! SculpSure™ is not a weight loss treatment. Instead, SculpSure™ is a body contouring procedure that is designed to reduce pockets of stubborn fat and improve the overall appearance of the treated areas.

What’s the difference between SculpSure™ and CoolSculpting?

SculpSure™ uses a special laser to heat and destroy unwanted fat, while CoolSculpting freezes the fat, also damaging the fat cells and allowing the body to dispose of them. 

What are the risks of SculpSure™?

Because SculpSure™ is non-invasive and non-surgical, risks are practically non-existent for good candidates. There are no risks of skin discoloration, bleeding, or other complications, and the only common side effect is a little soreness post-treatment. Patients with realistic expectations should find SculpSure™ to be a positive and safe experience.

Is the SculpSure™ treatment process uncomfortable?

While the laser does heat the subcutaneous fat, the device counteracts this by using Contact CoolingTM technology to prevent damage to the skin and keep the patient comfortable. Patients do experience the warming of the laser, but typically find that the cooling of the skin is enough to keep the treatment from becoming uncomfortable, despite the lack of anesthesia.

I have other problem areas besides the abdomen and flanks. Can I still get SculpSure™?

Currently, SculpSure™ is FDA-approved for the flanks, abdomen, back, and inner and outer thighs. However, if you are interested in having other areas treated, talk it over with the Clevens Face and Body Specialists team. You may be able to get SculpSure™ or consider other options for body contouring at our offices.

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Choosing the Right Surgeon

No matter what the procedure, you should always go to the practice of a board certified plastic surgeon for your SculpSure™ treatments. Your provider should be knowledgeable and experienced, able to offer you customized advice and beautiful results. Your treatment should take place in a safe and comfortable office setting, like the Clevens Face and Body Specialists office in Melbourne, Florida facility. The goal of the Clevens Face and Body Specialists team is to make sure you are informed and comfortable before you make the decision to move forward with SculpSure™.

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