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Ross A. Clevens, MD, FACS

Whether you long for lush, youthful lips or simply want another reason to smile, there are multiple ways to address asymmetry and uneven lips. Uneven lips are extremely common. In some cases, differences may be nearly imperceptible while in others the asymmetry is notable, affecting the whole appearance of the face. 

That said, don’t fret—there are cosmetic procedures that can help you kiss that asymmetry goodbye and achieve the perfect pout!

The Surgical Solution For Correcting Uneven Lips

There are both surgical and nonsurgical procedures to treat uneven lips. A surgical procedure offers the most significant results. For lips, this procedure is known as a lip lift

A lip lift involves making an incision and reshaping the lips to alter their look. In the case of asymmetrical lips, the surgeon can help you achieve a more even, symmetrical appearance. Unlike nonsurgical options, a lip lift is a long-lasting solution that doesn’t require additional treatments to maintain results over time. 

Facial plastic surgeons can employ a few different lip lift techniques to help address your specific concerns and achieve the results you desire. For example, if one corner of your lips is more downturned than the other, you can undergo a corner of the lip lift to achieve greater symmetry from side to side.

Though it is a surgical procedure, a lip lift typically involves a relatively short recovery period. If you want to address an issue of severe asymmetry and get results that will be long-lasting, a lip lift is the way to go.

Nonsurgical Procedures For Treating Uneven Lips

If you’re interested in a solution that doesn’t involve surgery, lip fillers are a great option to consider. Fillers are a popular treatment for adding volume to the lips, but they can also be an effective way to improve the symmetry of uneven lips for a more balanced appearance, whether smiling or at rest. 

With a quick and easy treatment, you can quickly achieve an improved appearance and enjoy results that last for six months to a year. Lip fillers are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to see a real difference in their lips without undergoing surgery. 

Watch our Lip Lift Webinar

There are several lip filler options available, such as:

  • Juvederm Ultra XC
  • Juvederm Volbella
  • Restylane Silk
  • Restylane Kysse 

How To Choose the Right Lip Procedure For You

How can you choose between a lip lift and lip fillers? The best procedure for you depends on the degree of asymmetry and your goals for your appearance. Are you hoping to simply add balance and symmetry to your lips, or are you also looking to achieve fuller or more youthful lips? Are you planning to undergo any other facial cosmetic procedures? 

A board-certified facial plastic surgeon with expert understanding of facial symmetry can evaluate your uneven lips during your consultation to determine whether you should consider fillers or look beyond fillers to a surgical lip lift to best meet your goals. Your provider can guide you through the process so you choose the procedure that makes the most sense for you.

Give Your Lips Some Love

Throughout history and across cultures, there is a strong connection between facial symmetry and attractiveness. If you dislike the appearance of your uneven lips, why not correct the issue and start loving the look and feel of your lips?

Whether you choose to undergo a lip lift or receive lip filler treatments to improve the appearance of your lips, you can look and feel your best with our specialists and expertise in helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Want to learn more about the different lip procedures designed to improve symmetry and restore a balanced, even smile? Watch our lip lift webinar.

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