The following article is excerpted from a recent issue of Holiday Forum Magazine:

"These days plastic surgery is very common and there are many people who have plastic surgery carried out. The most common surgeries which are done are facial surgeries, as people often want to change the look of their face, have face lifts done, and improve small things on their face which in the end make a huge difference in their appearance."

"One of the most popular and reputed surgeons is Dr Ross Clevens who specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, he has his very own surgery by the name of Clevens Face and Body Specialists."

"Clevens Face and Body Specialists is the only place to get facial surgery done, as this is a very reputed and well known surgery. When visiting their online site I was very amazed at looking at the work which has been carried out by Dr Ross Clevens, the site provides before and after pictures of surgery procedures and with the after pictures you can not tell that surgery has been done as the face looks so natural. After reading some of the reviews from the site of Clevens Face and Body Specialists you will know that Clevens Face and Body Specialists will be the only place to visit to have your surgery carried out, and the best advantage is that patients get the fully satisfied."