Mobile App Shows The Effects That Alcohol Has On Your Skin


Dr. Ross Clevens of The Clevens Face and Body Specialists for Facial Cosmetic Surgery knows that the effects of is a tough process, but with the right knowledge and proper procedures you can look your best at any . While the effects of smoking on your and the fact that it can accelerate the signs of have been promoted for a few decades now, there's another habit that can make you look than you actually are--drinking.

While drinking isn't known for its adverse side effects, they do exist and can affect your physical . However with technology ever growing, there is a , free app that can show you what years of drinking can do to your face.

The app or computer program is called the Drinking Mirror and users can upload a picture of their face, enter the amount of alcohol they consume per week, and then receive a computer-generated of what they may look like if they keep up the habit. According to the news source, individuals who peer into the Drinking Mirror may see an of themselves looking heavier, with a wrinklier and ruddier . As well as causing bloating and dark circles under your , alcohol dries out the and can lead to wrinkles and premature .

While consumer alcohol in moderation may be able to slow down the early sign of , there are other procedures available to you to . Botox temporarily weakens the in the that is treated. This relaxes the 's , thereby "removing" the . Botox is very effective in diminishing the of frown , furrows, crows feet, and and of the and . Botox is a simple and safe procedure that helps remove and from tens of thousands of men and women seeking rejuvenation and improvement of their .

Trust your to the specialist if you are interested in Botox Injections or any cosmetic surgery in Central Florida, and call our office at 321.727.3223 to schedule an appointment. We would love to meet with you and discuss the best options available to you.

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