Dr Clevens Featured in Holiday Forum Magazine

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Non-Surgical Facelift with Fillers

Facelifts are up 14 percent this year, and some patients prefer a minimally invasive “plumping” facelift over more traditional cutting-and-tightening procedures. The focus of the “new” facelift is the midface (cheeks and jowl/jaw line), and the goal is to achieve a look that’s plumper and more youthful rather than tight and taut. Read More

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Decision 2008

More and more people are opting for facial plastic surgery. Even with the uncertainty of the national economy, the strength of the beauty  and facial plastic surgery economy tends not to waiver as one might believe. Read More

Choosing a Facial Plastic Surgeon

When people come to my office they want to rejuvenate, maintain, and protect what they have. In general people have realistic goals and expectations of what plastic surgery can do for them. Read More

Stop Smoking and Start Healing

If you smoke and you are considering having facial plastic surgery, I recommend quitting a minimum of two weeks before and after your procedure. Read More

Face to Face with Dr. Ross Clevens and introducing Dr. Michael Diaz

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Life is Full of Changes

Tattoos that may once have represented a special moment or relationship can later become a source of embarrassment and hamper social relationships or progress at work. Removing and modifying tattoos is now a clinically proven reality and the Spectra VRM system is capable of handling an enormous range of amateur, professional, cosmetic and ... Read More

Mohs Surgery for the removal of skin cancer

Many patients have questions about the Mohs Surgery. I would like to take this time to address what Mohs Surgery is and why it's a treatment of choice in the removal of some forms of skin cancer. Read More

Reloxin won't let Botox Relax

There's been much talk about the possibility of Reloxin entering the U.S. Aesthetic Market as a strong competitor to Botox. Read More