Dermatology and Plastic Surgery: Which Doctor is Right for You?

Maintaining the health and appearance of your skin becomes more of a priority with each passing decade. Taking proper care of your skin can help you maintain a youthful look and spot potential conditions and concerns early. For some people, that means sticking to a medical-grade skincare regimen, whereas others might seek out different procedures and treatments—which is where the dermatology and plastic surgery debate comes into play.

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Finding a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon: What's the Difference Between a Generalist and a Specialist?

When you’re considering cosmetic surgery—specifically, when you’re trying to select the right cosmetic plastic surgeon to perform your procedure—it’s critical to know the difference between a generalist and a specialist. By choosing a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in your area of interest, you can move forward with complete confidence in your decision and in the results you can expect.

In this article, we break down the difference between generalist and specialist surgeons as well as the reasons why choosing a specialist in cosmetic plastic surgery is so important for achieving optimal results.

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How to Ensure You're in Safe Hands When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a momentous, transformative event for so many people. Pursuing a cosmetic procedure can truly be life-altering, whether the goal is to improve problem areas, achieve the look you’ve always wanted, or, in many cases, both!

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What To Look For In Online Reviews Of Plastic Surgeons

Today, consumers rely on online reviews for everything from choosing a restaurant or making a purchase to selecting a plastic surgeon. A recent RealSelf survey revealed that 67 percent of US women who have had (or are considering) a cosmetic procedure feel that patient reviews are the most valuable information when choosing a plastic surgeon.

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Board Certification For Plastic Surgeons: What It Is & Why It Matters

Having plastic surgery is a life-changing experience. Time and time again, plastic surgery proves to be a significant confidence booster for men and women alike.

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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery 101: Everything You Need To Know

It’s a common myth that all plastic surgery is cosmetic, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Plastic surgery is a broad field that includes not only cosmetic, but also reconstructive procedures to repair imperfections and improve quality of life. In fact, nearly six million reconstructive plastic surgeries were performed in just 2019 alone.

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The Best Cosmetic Procedures to Have in Your 50s

Those of us in our fabulous 50s are looking and feeling better than ever before. Of course, our 50s are also a time when new signs of aging start to reveal themselves. The good news is, there are surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that combat problem areas and help you look and feel your best in your 50s and beyond!

Let’s explore some of the common issues people face in their 50s, as well as the surgical and nonsurgical options to address those areas of concern.

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Scars and Plastic Surgery: The 101 on How to Minimize Scars

You’ve been considering a cosmetic procedure that would no doubt be a life-changing and transformative experience. And although you’re excited to move forward, there are a few areas of concern holding you back—one of which is the potential for scarring.

Scars are naturally a concern for many patients considering plastic surgery. However, you may be surprised to discover the multitude of ways that scarring can be minimized or prevented after a cosmetic procedure. Fortunately, in the hands of an experienced specialist, scars can be reduced until they are barely perceptible, or even invisible. 

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8 Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Aging is a natural and universal part of life—men and women alike want to continue to look and feel their best as they age. Contrary to the common misconception that only women have cosmetic treatments, there are several nonsurgical procedures for men.

Nowadays, there are modern nonsurgical treatment options with little to no downtime and very few risks, an increasing number of men are getting cosmetic procedures done each year. In fact, the 2018 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men in 2018, and that number is on the rise.

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Why the Cost of Plastic Surgery Shouldn't Be the First Question You Ask

Plastic surgery can be a truly transformative experience, both inside and out—and not only for the rich and famous.

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